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Residents Accuse Kabogo Of Lying On National TV Regarding To The State Of Their Road.

Residents and motorists of Matangi-ni village, Theta Ward in Juja Sub-County on Thursday, for the third time this year, demonstrated against the County Government of Kiambu and the area MP Francis Munyua Waititu (Wakapee) due to the deplorable state of the Matangini-Kimbo Road especially before crossing the railway line.

Police were deployed to quell the demonstrations and had to use teargas canisters to disperse them as they attempted to block and light bonfires on the busy Thika Superhighway. They barricaded the Murera-Theta Road and dug up a very wide trench that rendered the road impassible.

They accused Kiambu Governor William Kabogo Gitau of lying on national television that his government had already dispatched machinery on site to tarmac this road.

“Kabogo went to the media the other day and claimed that he had dispatched excavators on site to tarmac this road. He said that those who are claiming that there was no work going on were those who complained from Nairobi and never went home to ascertain the facts on the ground. Now that you are here, where are those machines? Where have they repaired?” asked one bodaboda rider who was part of the demonstrators.

They said that they saw reason for ever again participating in General Elections since those they voted to power ignored their plight and neglected them. They the area MP and Theta MCA Isaac Kinuthia Njogu of abdicating their responsibilities and confiding themselves on issues that were of no benefit to their electorates.

“I voted for them to be of assistance to my plight as a resident of this area but I see no help from these people. Our Governor is Kabogo but we don’t know him. This is Wakapee’s Constituency, but since he was elected I have not seen anything he has done. We don’t have an MCA here and that is why we are not talking about him,” said one protestor.

They said that they regretted waking up very early to vote for these people since they now see no value of voting for anyone anymore. They said that they voted for them but instead of dealing with issues of benefit to their people they were busy yapping about CORD and IEBC.

They alleged that security had worsened in the area since the police could not access some of the areas due to impassible roads. Maintaining their vehicles was a problem as they usually broke down due to the water and bad roads.

“There has been an increase of insecurity in the area. I was hijacked a few days ago. If they can this road, security can improve,” said another protestor.

They accused the county government of arresting and suing the residents who attempted to repair the roads while they themselves were doing absolutely nothing to rectify the situation. They said, as the people who were suffering, they were very ready to assist in the roadworks as long as their mobility was eased.

Currently, four people in the area have been aligned in court for attempting to mend the impassible sections of the road.

“As we are talking now, the owner of that petrol station has been sued for sealing a pothole on this road, WaTunis of Olive Club, the proprietor of Bethlehem School and Koimburi all have court summons for trying to repair this roads. Since they are unable to assist us, we are requesting them to allow us to repair the road,” said a protestor.

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