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Account For The Sh32b You Have Received So Far, Kabogo Told.

Thika Town MP Alice Wambui Ng'ang'a has challenged Governor William Kabogo to account for every penny of the Sh. 32billion Kiambu County Government has so far received from the national treasury since the inception of devolution in 2013. 

Alice said that time was now right for each leader to lay before the people, what they had accomplished with the money they had been entrusted to manage on the people's behalf.

"Tunataka atuambie ile bilioni nane yeye hupatiwa na serikali kuu kila mwaka imeenda wapi. Mtatapika yote! Gútirí yuraga na ndíkíe. Ihinda ní ikinyu mùndù aumagare na karía atuíte," she said. 

(We want him to account for the 8 billion he receives every year from the national government. People must vomit what they have eaten. All that has a beginning must have an end. Time is ripe for people to pack their belongings and go).

Speaking at Kivulini Junction on Friday during the commissioning of Kivulini-Kisii-Kiganjo Road, the MP boasted that hers leadership was all centred on developments and that according to her, were visible in all corners of the constituency.

She notified the residents of Thika that come next Saturday, she was going to accompany CS Lands and Urban Development Prof. Jacob Thuranira Kaimenyi to commission a new sewerage system in Kiganjo Estate.

"After what we have commissioned here today, I am inviting you to Kiganjo next Saturday as we commission a new sewerage system in Kiganjo. This will be followed by the commissioning of the NYS Programme in Kiandutu the following Saturday and CS Water & Irrigation Hon. Eugene Ludovic Wamalwa will sum it up in Magogoni as we launch some water projects in the area," said Alice.

She assured the youth and the people of the town that her office would see to it that the jobs that accrued from these developments benefitted them as this was what the projects were meant for.

She appealed to CS Transport and Infrastructure, Hon. James Wainaina Macharia to solutions to reduce road accidents as well as traffic gridlocks along Thika-Garissa Highway.  

On issues of land ownership, she warned those land buying companies that sub-divided and sold plots in Kisii Estate that she was giving them a last chance to hand over their deed plans so that the process of acquiring title deeds for the plot owners could commence.

"I am giving them the last warning to present their deed plans. I appeal to Kisii leaders and wazees to assist me in identifying these people so that we can fast track this exercise," she said.

Turning her attention to the country's opposition leaders, Alice warned them against using uncivilised means to ascend to power. She reminded former PM Raila Amollo Odinga that it was him and Retired President Mwai Kibaki who came up with the current IEBC office bearers and at no time did President Uhuru Kenyatta nor his Deputy William Ruto had a hand in their selection.

"Msituletee! Hawa makomishina wa IEBC ni nyinyi mlichagua mkiwa na Kibaki. Mliposhinda Malindi, Kajiado na wakati wa Wetangula mlisema ni wazuri. Mkishindwa Kericho na mkiona kama mtashindwa 2017, mnasema tena IEBC ni mbaya. Wakenya wamechoka na hiyo upuuzi wenu!" Alice said.

(Leave Kenyans alone! The IEBC commissioners are your products with Kibaki. When you won in Malindi, Kajiado and in the case of Wetangula you told us they were good. When you lost in Kericho and now that you are sensing defeat in 2017, you come claiming they are bad. Kenyans are now tired with your nonsense!)

She said that this IEBC and "Firimbi" hullabaloo was all Raila's ploy for another "Nusu Mkate" come 2017 but she promised them that they wont get any loophole this time to be in the government via the backdoor. 

"CORD has realised that the tide in Western, Eastern and Coast is moving towards Jubilee. They are scared that come 2017, Jubilee will win by more than 70%. This is why they are causing all this mayhem to get nusu mkate," she said.

Otherwise, she told Kalonzo Musyoka and Moses Wetangula that the Jubilee doors were wide open for them to join the winning team, should they feel that the cold out there was too much.

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