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Thika DCC Launches A New 2-Week Mobile ID Issuance Timetable.

Deputy County Commissioner John Anjere on Friday launched a fresh mobile National Identity Card (ID) issuance timetable.

According to the commissioner, registration and administrative officers will be deployed to the various mobile centres in the 12-day ID registration drive (including weekends) that will run from Monday the 18th April to 29th April 2016 in the entire Thika West District.

The District targets to register 8,000 new applicants who will include those who have attained the age of 18 years to all those, for any reason, have never acquired this vital document though they were overage.

He urged all those who do not have ID or have lost theirs to report to their respective mobile centres where they will find the chiefs and community leaders to assist them.

“All my chiefs and their assistants will be on the ground to help anyone who may experience any difficulties. 

You should now spread this message to all the people in the neighbourhood through churches, mosques and all other possible means so as to ensure that all eligible applicants get IDs,” said Mr. Anjere.

He added that even those people who still had the old generation IDs especially the very aged, should be directed to renew them for the new generation IDs.

On his part, Thika Deputy County Registrar of Persons Mr. Joseph N. Kang’utu assured the people that there were enough registration materials to cater for all the illegible applicants. He added that he will personally avail himself in all the centres so as to ensure that no person was turned away for any reason whatsoever.

“I will attend all the registration exercises in all the centres to make sure that no one goes home without being attended to and given the right assistance. If any of the applicants experiences any challenges, please come to me directly and I will ensure that you go home with the waiting card. No genuine case should miss an ID for a mistake not of their own making,” said Kang’utu.

He added that apart from those who were changing their names or birth place in their previous ID cards, application for the new IDs was free. Those changing information in their old IDs will be required to pay sh. 1,000 only.

After registration, Kang’utu said that the IDs will be ready after only 15 days.

To check whether one’s ID has been processed, the applicants will be required to SMS their serial numbers (the 10 digits on your waiting card) to 20031.

If one gets a reply with the initials ‘RQ’, they are supposed to report to the registrar’s office to correct an anomaly that may have been detected in their application.

The requirements for application of a new ID are:-
i)                    Any of the following documents to show their age
Birth Certificate or
Baptismal Card or
School Leaving Certificate or
An Age Assessment Card from a recognised Hospital.

ii)                   One of their Parent’s/ guardian’s ID card.
N/B. The applicant should carry both the original and copies of these document for authentication purposes.
No one will go home with being assisted.

The full schedule of the mobile ID Centres are as follows:
 18th April 2016 – Kimuchu Primary School (Makongeni Location)
 19th April 2016 – Posta Grounds (Makongeni Location)
 20th April 2016 – Kenyatta Primary School (Makongeni Location)
 21st April 2016 – Kiandutu Hospital Grounds (Makongeni Location)
 22nd April 2016 – Kiandutu Hospital Grounds (Makongeni Location)
 23rd April 2016 – Main Bus Stage and Mugumoini Primary School (Biashara Location)
25th April 2016 – Jamuhuri Market at the Gate (Biashara Location)
 26th April 2016 – Umoja Primary School (Biashara Location)
 27th April 2016 – Posta –Town and Gachagi Village (Biashara Location)
 28th April 2016 – Wakimbizi Estate (Kariminu Location)
 29th April 2016 – Karibaribi Ass. Chief’s Camp and Chania Estate (Kariminu Location)
30th April 2016 – Kristina Wangari Gardens (Biashara Location).

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