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Shock As 'Witchcraft' Is Found Mounted At Former Kairi High Principal's Gate.

The residents of Kairi Village in Gatundu North Constituency, Kiambu County woke up to a bizarre incident on Saturday when they found some suspicious paraphernalia, which they associated to witchcraft, mounted infront of the gate of one of their neighbours.

A Kikuyu traditional pot with four eggs and a mirror, marked with what was suspected to be salt, had been placed at the entrance of Mzee John Gathumu, a retired principal of the neighbouring Kairi Boys High School.

Hannah Wangari, the family's help, reported for duty at around 5 am in the morning for her usual chores. At the time she never notice anything unusual since it was still dark.

After milking the cows, it when she noticed the weird set-up and called Wanjihia Gathumu, one of the sons to Mzee Gathumu, and his wife to come and witness. They later woke up the old couple and showed them the suspect pot.

"I immediately rushed into my room and collected my 'holy water'. I sprinkled it over the pot and we cursed those demons in the name of Jesus," said Bernadette Wangari (84), the wife to the former principal.
She said that they were shocked to find such 'witchcraft' at their doorstep adding that the family had no grudge with anyone to warrant such acts.

Otherwise, the family, who are staunch and devoted Catholic faithfuls, left everything to God and believed that they were protected by the blood of Jesus.

Wanjihia told us that a similar incident had happened on the same spot sometime in January this year when they woke up to find a circular drawing done in salt and inside it were some squashed eggs and some human hair. At that time, they never took it seriously and they destroyed them and covered the scene with soil.

He suspects that the frequent cases of his parents falling ill may be related to this.

Emmah Wangui, a neighbour, said that this bizarre incident was new to the area since the community was known to practice witchcraft. She said that they were longing to identify the culprit, who she said, would be banished completely from the village.

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Pastor Njoroge of the 'Akorino' faith led the family and the neighbours with prayers which he said would neutralise the charms.

Later in the evening, the area Catholic Priest conducted mass to cleanse the home and seek the protection of the family from evil.

He restrained the youth from crushing the pot saying that it was against the Kikuyu tradition. He promised them that 'owner' would surely come for their stuff.

Otherwise, he said that if that did not happen, they were free to destroy the paraphernalia and dispose them away since nothing unusual would happen to them.

To the family, he urged them to be strong in their faith as there was no powers that superseded those of the Almighty God.

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