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Leadership Vacuum Is What Is Ailing Kamenu Ward. – MC Sam.

Kamenu Ward in Thika Constituency of Kiambu County has for a very long time lost a great deal in its pursuit to empower its people due to leadership vacuum that has failed to lobby for opportunities offered by the government and Non-Governmental Organisations.

These sentiments were aired by a 2017 aspirant Sam Chege (MC Sam) on Saturday during the opening 
ceremony of the “Kuza Mashinani” Business Expo in Kenyatta Primary School, Makongeni.

“Since time in memorial, Kamenu has been a ward without a leader. Leadership is about the enriching the mind of your people. It is never about handouts but about empowering your people into developing their full potential. It is about showing direction, sharpening the mind and helping your people rise in status,” said Sam.

He wondered how none of the public schools in the ward benefitted from the recent World Bank sh. 80billion Kenya Primary Education Development Project meant to address the key challenges in primary education, considering the fact that Thika West District had seven slots.

“When I say that leadership is about lobbying for opportunities, this is exactly what I mean. How else would you explain four schools from Biashara and three from Hospital Wards benefiting but none from Kamenu Ward? Majority of our schools here deserved to be in that list due to their deplorable state,” he lamented.

He added that his was a different approach to leadership since he has been and will continue to lay emphasis on the socio-economic development of the individual. It was for this reason, he said, that he continued to organise expos, seminars, workshops and talent search fetes among the youth, women and armature entrepreneurs.

He added that he would give priority to schools and education since that was the core pillar in developing a people.

“If the people are intellectually empowered, the society grows. To develop a society, the individual is key. When you succeed in him, the family is empowered and eventually the society will rise in their economic status,” he said.

The aspirant warned Kamenu and Thika people to wary of the kind of people the elected to the assembly since it was what they did at the chamber that trickled down to the masses.

“Both the national and county governments have used billions to benefit the common man but the money aint being felt on the ground because of poor judgement and misplaced priorities by our leaders. We need leaders with a vision and the touch of the individual resident at heart. We need leaders who can mobilise for funding elsewhere and attract investments on the ground,” he concluded.

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