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Declare Hon. Opiyo, Kajwang’s Seats Vacant And Call For By-Elections Now – Nyokabi.

Kiambu Women Rep. Anne Nyokabi Gathecha has warned Kenyans to be wary of political leaders who were out to plunge this country into anarchy for their own political expediency.

Speaking on Monday while launching the Kiambu County Affirmative Action Social Development Scholarships at Thika Technical Training Institute, Nyokabi said that the opposition leaders were currently trending the same signs they exhibited at the advent of the 2007-8 ethnic clashes.

“It is quite unfortunate that a section of the opposition is hell-bent to plunge this country into anarchy just to have one of their own in State House. It is very shameful for members of the National Assembly to disrespect the institution of the presidency and Parliament by behaving in such uncouth manner,” she said.

She castigated the behaviour of the women MPs who were involved in the churlish and barbaric drama, saying that they were a complete disgrace to the women of Kenya. She noted that the entire opposition was not at faults since this was done by just a few MPs from only one county. She added that their actions were understandable since they were only exhibiting political sycophancy to win direct party nominations for next year’s General Elections.

“Kenya will never develop from empty political rhetoric. Kenya needs the leadership of progress. Leaders must respect those in authority if they ever wanted to lead. These people (the opposition) are the real reason for the problems facing this nation,” Nyokabi said.

She called on the seats of Hons. Wudayi Opiyo and T. J. Kajwang be declared vacant and a fresh by-election be held for the same.

“These leaders should no longer be allowed back to Parliament at whatever costs until the serve their disciplinary actions. Hon. Kajwang should never again serve as be chair to the parliamentary speaker’s committee. Their constituents should head straight to court and demand fresh by-elections for they no longer had parliamentary representation,” added Nyokabi.

Nyokabi also praised President Uhuru Kenyatta’s directive to scrap all levies that were being subjected to coffee farming saying that it was a great relief to the farmers. She said that the move had a positive impact to over 700,000 farmers who were spread over 35 counties in the country.

On the issue of IDs issuance in Kiambu County, Nyokabi declared war on the region’s registrars of persons whose officers were frustrating the youth by creating roadblocks to acquiring the vital documents.

“My office has received numerous complaints of officers sabotaging the exercise of acquiring IDs in all the sub-counties of Kiambu County. We will deal with them accordingly since it the right of every citizen to get an ID,” concluded Nyokabi.

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