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15% Of Local Revenue Collection Should Be Retained To Spur Growth, Witeithie Ward Aspirant.

An aspiring Kiambu Member of County Assembly is rooting for a legislation whereby 15% of the total revenue collected in every ward is retained so as to benefit in developing the said wards.

Speaking to youth and women groups during a youth entrepreneurship and empowerment workshop in Witeithie Estate, Andrew Ngure Kianda said that such monies could be used to develop local infrastructure and create more jobs for people.

Ngure said that Witeithie Ward generated a lot of income for the county government through cess, rates and licences but the same was never reflected in the development of the area.

“The wearer of the shoe knows best where it itches. The residents are best suited to identify priorities that best fit their outfit. They will therefore use this money to improve on the available opportunities and to empower more people in order to increase revenue generation. An empowered society guarantees a secure environment for residents and investors,” said Ngure.

He lamented that since time in memorial, Witeithie Ward, more so Witeithie Estate, has been given a raw deal by politicians resulting to very poor infrastructure and services. With a population of more than 40,000 residents, the estate lacked most essential services like sewerage, navigable roads, public health facilities and nursery schools.

He said that he was working with youth, women and community opinion leaders in Witeithie Ward to come up with a key strategic plan that will drive the area to the next level. From these strategic meetings, they intend to involve investors in the area, companies and Witeithie people living in the diaspora in coming up holistic master-plan for the area.

The answers to Witeithie laid squarely on homegrown solutions he said.

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