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This Is How Kenyatta Road Will Look Like By End Of March - MP Alice.

Engineer Stanley Kang’ethe, the man contracted by Thika Town MP Ms. Alice Wambui Ng’ang’a to oversee the construction of Kenyatta Highway from Munene Industries Limited to Engen Petrol Station near Jua Kali Thika, has appealed to the public to be patient as they were almost through with the works. He said that several construction challenges had delayed the completion of the partial reconstruction of the road resulting to this delay.

“We apologise for any inconvenience caused during construction and the inevitable time delays but on completion, the road will be safer and will ensure a better and uninterrupted journey to road users. We had to wait for the Kenya Railways to approve the uprooting of the rail tracks near Nampak before we could proceed with the works,” said Kang’ethe.

The project entails the partial re-construction of the road, slight widening of the lanes and shoulders of the road and the provision of new surfacing over a distance of some 3 Kilometres. It will be well marked to guide motorists and other users so as to ensure utmost safety. The contractor also intends to erect some speed bumps near Destiny Church, Pilot Estate near QRS Primary School and at Jua Kali, to control the speed of vehicles in those delicate spots.

Kang’ethe assured the residents of Thika Town that the road would be of very high standard.
“The area that we have tarmacked is just partially done. We intend to add another layer to ensure stability and durability. We also intend to do the final polishing up of the drainage to ensure that no water stagnates on the road at any given time,” he said.

He added that the main contractor, TAFRO Contractors, will raise the area around Nampak where the rail tracks were, to about 3 metres high so as to ensure that water will never again flood this part of the road. The Kenya Railways will then lay new rail tracks that would flash with the road to ensure that they will not affect the smooth drive of vehicles.

This part of Kenyatta Highway has been a pain in the back for motorist for quite a long time now. It has always crumbled after days of heavy rain and flooding, rendering it at times impassable. Now, the contractor is working to make it permanently flood-proof for years to come.

Design plans seen by Thika Town Today indicate that the contractor has resulted to more ambitious ideas and costly strategies to rebuild this part of the road by elevating it. He is also focusing on re-building the road with deep drains and installing wide culverts that will funnel swamp water out to River Chania.

This is part of an attempt to strike a balance—the need to provide a quick fix with aspirations of investing in a more thoughtful long-term solution for the road. 

“The two most effective weapons in combating driveway drainage problems are placement and slope. We won’t be building this road with the same problems, only for it to be washed away again after the rains. Hon. Alice Ng’ang’a has sought for a permanent solution by deciding to eradicate all what has been always causing the huge influx of water to come towards the roadway. By the end of March the project is expected to be complete and ready for use by the people,” said Kang’ethe.

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