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Meet Emcee Xtian, An Mc With A difference

Who is Mc Xtian?
 Chris Chege Njuguna is a 26 year-old young man who believes in himself, follows his passion and works tirelessly on his dreams. Mc Xtian was born from a humble background and raised up in Majengo Estate Thika.
I am the proprietor of Rhumba Africa Kenya, an entertainment company that does organise roadshows, corporate and individual events.

What is this thing called Mc and what does it entail?
An MC is simply a “master of ceremonies” at a public entertainment or a large social occasion. The term "emcee" is derived from the abbreviation M.C. It is full for "Master of Ceremonies," and also implies "Move the Crowd." An emcee is a person who raps to inspire people with clear, concise and compelling content.
The work of an emcee is to host, plan and co-ordinate an event.

How did you find yourself in this field?
Emceeing is a God-given talent. I started it while in High School. After school, I trained in accounts and business management after which I later managed companies such as Chess Card Transport Company.
Due to my love for public entertainment, I resigned and joined Rocks Media and Tarumbeta Afrika (formerly Kayamba Afrika) where I perfected the art of emceeing.
To a layman, an accountant or a manager is a dream job for many. Why did you decide to leave such a lucrative profession to join a ‘jua kali’ job if I may say?
I am on person who values life so much and believes that there is nothing as valuable as one’s own freedom. I mean being able to plan one’s own time. We all work to earn money but I believe that it is quite meaningless if at all one does not have the time to enjoy that money. As an employee, you live in someone else’s time. Someone else dictates how you live your life.
It is for the same reason that I asked myself why I should live all my life building someone else’s dream. If I did so, I asked myself, who will build mine? And with that, I found myself resigning as a manager to focus on building my dream.

When did you start your own emceeing firm?
In the year 2010, when I joined Rocks Media, I started with a meager salary of Sh. 1,000. It was very hard for me but that never diverted my focus towards my goal. At Tarumbeta, things started shaping up and in 2013, I called it quits and started my own firm, Rhumba Afrika Kenya.
Things then were not so easy for me and my crew. It was quite a challenge to even get a platform even to emcee for free. By and by, things started shaping up and we eventually won the hearts of many.

How does your firm win over the market as I believe that there is stiff completion in this?
In any kind of business you must know your client and create a clientele that believes in you. You have also to know your target group. We as Rhumba Afrika Kenya have specialised more on weddings and have perfected on this line of emceeing. We as much as possible go out of our way to make weddings that memorable moment and that makes us a cut above the others.

When you say ‘we’ who are you referring to?
In Rhumba Afrika, I have employed 12 people who run the shows with me as the lead emcee. We have our own Djs and MCs plus sound systems.

What can you refer as your success story in this business?
I have been lucky to earn a contract with the Kenya Blood Transfusion Services, Churchill Kenya, Saidia Mtoi Project and also share a stage with prominent top comedians like Mc Jessy and Maasai of Vioja Mahakamani.
In 2014-15, I was awarded the Best Performing MC, Kiambu County in the Mashujaa Awards. I have also earned the contract to be chief MC in the Laikipia County Drug Campaign.

Who is your role model and who can you credit to have made you reach this far?
My dream role model is American Kelvin Hart but I give credit to my late dad Joseph Chege or Mwalimu Chege of Good Samaritan School. Were it not for his guidance, I would not be who I am today.

What do you do during your free time?
I like travelling so much. I do a lot of nature walks and phot shoots. I do visit children’s homes where I take time to have fun with these kids.
Otherwise, I am a good orator thus I also do a lot of talking with friends and browse through the net to seek business.

Does MC Xtian have ‘People’?
Well, lemmie put it this way… someone will be hurt if I say that I am single but I am.

Your Parting shot and advice to fellow youth?
It doesn’t matter how others rose to the top, you got to rise with them. The youth should never saturate their minds with the ‘Hakuna Kazi’ mindset. Everyone should get something they can do, perfect it and let it earn for them.
Time waits for no man. The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the 2nd best chance is now. Where you were brought up doesn’t determine where you live. So, make the right move now.

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