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Akorino Mission To Reclaim Turban From ‘Mugithi Ndungata’ Almost Ends Up Tragic.

Wagithomo (with blue No.15 jersey) having lost his turban while his brother (holding Stick) leads the attack on the Akorinos.
Residents of Kabati Trading Centre in Murang’a County were on Monday afternoon treated to an action-packed free-for-all drama when a group of about 30 ‘Akorinos’ stormed in a bid to reclaim ‘their turban’ from one of their own who they claimed had moved out the teachings of their doctrines.

Trouble erupted after they arrived in a convoy of four vehicles and spotted the ‘ndungata’ (servant of God). They rushed to catch him only for him to run away towards the market centre screaming for help. This attracted the curiosity of unsuspecting wananchi who followed them to try and find out what the matter was. 

On seeing who the victim was, women started raising alarm and branding the akorinos thugs who were on a mission to persecute their village-mate.

That is when hell broke loose. Enraged residents pounced on the akorinos, pelting stones and hitting them with wooden sticks as they jeered them. Several of them got injured, with a good number losing their turbans and valuables in the process.

Members of the 4th estate had also to flee to the nearby Kabati Police Station to seek refuge as the locals turned violent on any stranger they came across. Were it not the swift action by the Kabati Police, the outcome would have been dire since the locals were now baying for the blood of these akorinos whom they claimed were thugs on a mission to murder their son out of envy.

Upon arrival, the police arrested and detained the akorinos for several hours and were in the process of charging them with causing public disturbances and malicious damage. They were released on a police cash bail of sh.10,000 each awaiting being allaigned in court this week.

The bone of contention was that this young man, Sammy Mwangi, who is in his mid-twenties, had acted in contempt of the akorino faith by performing secular songs in liquor clubs while still donning a turban. They claimed that some of the words in his songs were vulgar and unprintable, a fact that made the akorino get mocked and ridiculed in public.

The situation was made worse last Friday night when ‘Wagithomo’, as he is popularly referred to, was seen on Inooro TV’s performing the now popular Kikuyu songs ‘Thii Ukiumaga’ and ‘Kihiki Understanding’. Since then, the akorinos now claim that the members of public have been using the phrase ‘Thii Ukiumaga’ while greeting them, a factor that was demeaning their faith and reputation.
The Akorinos now cornered to a spot and later being flog-marched to Kabati Police Station.
 On the part of the Kabati residents, they claimed that Sammy could not remove his turban as his late father had left a curse that none of his two surviving sons should ever live without a turban. They said that Sammy was a talented musician who was only trying to eke a living out of his talent and the turban should never be a hindrance.

They asked the akorino to let Wagithomo do his thing to feed his 1 year old daughter and his wife.
Thika Town Today, had followed this drama all the way from Thika Town where the faithful had laid trap to nab Wagithomo at Club Wonderful Pub near Njomoko on your way to Ngoingwa Estate. It seems he got wind of the scheme and escaped to Kabati.

Wagithomo is scheduled to perform in the club this coming Friday as the mega banner on the club’s entrance portrays.

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