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I Saw Blood Stains in Magu’s Bedroom – Househelp.

The suspect, Pastor Ms Ann Wambui Wanyoro, in court on March 17, 2016.
Margaret Njoki, who was Magu’s house girl, yesterday told the Kiambu Law Courts how she opened Magu’s bedroom only to find blood stains on the walls and on the floor.

She also told the court that the suspect, Pastor Wanyoro, spent four days in the Magus' residence before his wife Lydia Wangui disappeared.

Ms Njoki was testifying in a case in which Pastor Ann Wambui Wanyoro has been linked with the controversial deaths of city lawyer Paul Magu and four members of his family in 2014.

She told Kiambu Principal Magistrate Mr Justus Kitukua that she heard Magu telling the kids that their mother went with the pastor to church.

Pastor Wanyoro was charged with planning the murder of Mrs Magu and their children Allen, 9, Ryan, 8 and Tiffany, 6.

Mrs Magu went missing on 23rd November, 2014 and her partially burnt body was found in a thicket on Kiambu Road.

Magu left home with the three children in his car but returned home alone before travelling to his rural home in Thika the same day.

He was found dead on 25th November 2014. The bodies of the children were found in different parts of the 2,500-acre Tatu City real estate land.

The death of the Magu family roped in one of Africa’s most famous Televangelists, Nigerian preacher T.B Joshua, who defended himself from claims that he may have had something to do with the bizarre deaths.

Mr Magu’s passport, which was found in his house moments after his body was discovered along the Thika- Garissa Highway, indicated that he had visited Nigeria on several occasions.

Inside the house, a room that he used as a shrine was discovered. Relatives and the house help said he spent most of his time with Ms Wanyoro inside the room. The room had several spiritual materials that included teachings on curses, misery and wealth.

The court had allowed the police to detain Pastor Wanyoro at the Muthaiga Police Station for two weeks as they carried out investigations into the murders.

In an affidavit, the Criminal Investigation Officer Maxwell Otieno, told the court that Magu had under unclear circumstances, intended to transfer ownership of some of his property to Pastor Wanyoro in a will deposited through his lawyer, John Ochola Odhiambo.

“For four days between November 16th and November 19th, the suspect Ann Wambui Nyoro stayed in the house of Mr Magu and performed what was described by the house help as cultist rituals,” said Mr Otieno in the affidavit.
The mass grave where the Magus were buried.

He said even after the murder of Mrs Magu, Pastor Wanyoro spent time with the deceased severally and the two visited several places together.

Magu was hit by a bus that was heading to Nairobi from Garissa. The driver of the bus said that the deceased crossed the road when the bus was already too near.

At the time of the accident, police said Magu had left his car at the side of the road, with the engine running. The deceased had a white jerry can in his hands when he was hit by the bus.

Pastor Wanyoro has since denied charges and is out on a Ksh 2 million bond.

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