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Early Morning Drama As Two Men Fight It Out After A Night Of Drinking.

Residents of Thika Town had something to walk away their Monday Blues when they were treated to an early morning drama when two men clashed outside New Kahuruko Bar & Restaurant (Sky Motel).

According to one of the men, the fight began as the two disputed over a lost cellphone. 

The two had spent the night reveling at the club before he fell asleep on the table only to wake up at dawn without a phone. On inquiring from the other guy, who was drinking next to him throughout the night, the second man denied ever having any knowledge of the lost phone.

This infuriated the owner of the phone to start a brawl that had them being thrown out of the club. 

Upon being thrown out, the two continued where they left, exchanging blows and tearing each other’s clothes in the process. A crowd of curious on-lookers started swelling as they gathered to enjoy the early morning free movie.

The victim grabbed the other guy’s pockets and took some money which he claimed that would be used to partially compensate his phone.

It is suspected that his drink might have been spiked with some drugs or overdosed with alcohol before he fell asleep.

Cases of theft and drink-spiking in pubs are increasingly worrying Thika residents, particularly male revelers who are the main targets. The substance used in spiking contains a higher alcohol percentage capable of felling its victim within no time. In some cases, it has led to more serious and long term consequences including death.

Popular pubs frequented by commercial sex workers pass as the most notorious drink-spiking dens in town with Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays being the most dangerous days because of the high number of revelers in bars. 

Those involved in this crime, especially the women, operate in groups of between three and five with at least two or three men who help them drain the men’s pockets once they hit their target.

They usually dress well and are very outgoing. Some of them may easily pass as women in the corporate world because of their mode of dressing and make-up. They strategically position themselves to ensure they get the men’s attention. Inside the club, they will order expensive drinks and are able to pay their own bills but never hesitate to respond if a man sends them a drink or requests their contacts.

However, there are also some young men who target their girlfriends or other young girls whom they overdose using date-rape drugs.

Every Saturday, Sunday and Monday morning you will rarely miss male patrons seeking the whereabouts of specific women who lured them at night and ended up robbing them of money. They never get to know them because they use proxy names and are usually very sly.

With this trend on the increase, patrons are advised to be vigilant and to keep watch over their drinks while in bars to avoid falling prey to spikers. One should strictly ensure they always leave their drinks under the care of someone they know or trust. 

Male patrons should stop inviting women strangers to their tables especially in bars flocked by commercial sex workers. They will continue to be vulnerable to the menace if they do not stop the habit of leaving their drinks under the care of waiters and waitresses when going to the washrooms, especially in bars they are not accustomed to.

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