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Though this blog is not accustomed to doing romantic posts we cannot let this day escape our minds without doing a piece about it. Some of our brothers dread and our sister on the other hand look forward to Valentine's Day like setting an exam for the gents and waiting in anxiety to see the brothers fail miserably or not.

Allow us to advice all those love birds outchea with these few pointers on how to survive Valentine's Day and sustain that relationship.

Love & Respect

The key towards a lasting relationship is to love and respect one another these two ingredients are crucial to any working relationship many people fall out love because they fail to respect each other. For love to prevail as a couple there is need to respect one your partner's taste and preferences.

Acceptance &Tolerance

Its imperative to practice these two words in a relationship remember to accept your partner for who they are this will ease a lot of pain and make way for tolerance nobody is perfect but if we value the above your relationship will be smooth sailing.

Understanding & Balance

He wants to watch that crucial match perhaps place a bet on Sports Pesa and use the gains to take you out and you want to grab the remote to catch up with the Kardasians or that telenovela you love dearly. Then why not create an understanding atmosphere, maybe draft a schedule and try and adjust to the proposed changes that way you will create a balance and neither of you will appear as though they are dominating.

Fun & excitement

The world is full of some bizarre incidents sometimes we go through rough moments, don't let your relationship wallow in these dull moments;in a relationship it is prudent to come up with fun things to do when together, go for a trip, a picnic, experience the outdoors and if you are an indoors person why not grab that DVD from the movie guy watch it with your spouse.

Communication & Appreciation

The key to a lasting relationship is communication many couples end up breaking up or fighting because of communication break down it is a case of he says, she says. As a couple establish ways in which you can communicate effectively at this juncture non verbal communications can  go a long way in shaping how you interact as a couple sometimes a verbal yes might be countered by a nod that indicates no. Learn these skills early enough in your relationship and try as much as possible to be keen to your spouses feelings and most of all appreciate each other sometimes pet names such Bae, Sweety, Babes, go along way to make your better half feel great in the relationship.

When is all is said and done the most important thing to note in a relationship is that it should be  more of a “WE’’ than “I”

This Valentine Weekend: Take time, express and share love and most of all remember:

"Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage."Lao-Tzu

Happy Valentines 2016 from Thika Town Today Team.

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