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URGENT! Help raise Sh40 To Enable Thika Rugby Club Travel To Nakuru Tomorrow For Tournament.

Thika Rugby Club, the only rugby team in the region, urgently seeking for financial assistance from members of public in order to enable them travel to Nakuru tomorrow for the Kenya Cup Tournament that will be aired live on TV.  They are appealing to any sponsor to raise sh. 40,000.
The current Thika Rugby Club is a reincarnation of the old one born in 1925 and whose home ground was Thika Sports Club which was then based at the site of the current defunct Castle brewing plant.

An anecdote from one of the early journals of the East African Women's League tells a story of how a lone Rhino browsed leisurely on the Rugby field, an hour before kickoff of a match pitting Thika RC against visiting Nondescripts RC.

By 1926 Thika RC combined with Ruiru RC to play in the inaugural Enterprise Cup when the crew of the battleship HMS Enterprise, escorting the 2 English Princes to 'happy Valley' engaged local teams in Rugby matches across the breadth of the country. 

Things took a bit of a downward spiral during the war and Mau Mau years, only to pick up in the 60s and 70s, when the Thika RC got its second wind.

By 1975, National team selectors had selected 3 Thika players David Wallace - Prop Palle Rune - Lock
Dave Hughes - 2nd Centre.

However this high led to a complete crash in fortunes of the club, coupled with Africanisation and departure of settlers. By 1979 the club had already gone the way of the dodo.

Fast forward 2010, it's been almost a decade since Kenya 7s made its maiden appearance at the 7s World Cup in Mar Del Plata, Argentina and achieved core status in the IRB 7s circuit. 
The former Rugby players in Thika were getting restless and bored with the dour football thrust upon them in the town. 

They cobbled together a group of young high school leavers and arranged them to play in the KRU leagues. 

By 2014 - 2015 season, they beat everyone in the lower division and earned promotion to the top division known popularly as KENYA CUP. 

Many things have changed since the 40 year period Thika RC has been away and currently the team is having to play catch up in terms of physicality and semi professionalism. 

The team has high aspirations,  to be the exclusive sports vehicle for brands which wish to penetrate the lucrative Central Province market. 

The 2-prong approach also wishes the club to strongly position itself as helping fight the ills that face the young people of Central Kenya e.g. the 3rd generation poisons (marketed as alcohol).

Most importantly, to be able to bring the elusive Kenya Cup title home to Thika,  almost a  Century after the journey began and from when white settlers began it, and indigenous Africans will complete the job.

Any financial assistance can be channeled through Gerald Chege (patron) 0729816063

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