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Thuo May Have Undergone Risky Medical Procedure Before Being Declared Dead.

Dr. Daniel Gathiga yesterday told a Nairobi court that former Juja MP the Late George Thuo may have undergone an intra-cardiac injection before he was declared dead.
An intra-cardiac injection is usually used in emergencies to resuscitate. 

This, according to him, it is administered directly into the heart muscles or ventricles exclusively by a heart specialist as a last resort if all other approaches prove ineffective. He added that it was a very risky medical procedure since it can cause serious harm to the heart.

Dr. Gathiga, who was Thuo’s family doctor, told Justice Roslyn Korir that the doctors who attended Thuo on that fateful night, never disclosed to him about ever administering that injection.

The court heard that two months before his demise, Thuo had been diagnosed with high blood pressure. Gathiga said that in September 2013, he discovered a lump around Thuo’s heart and advised to start regular exercises, some change of diet and a long-term blood pressure monitoring programme. He also advised the Late MP to go for a 24-hour blood pressure programme, which he failed to heed to due to what the doctor thought was his busy schedule.

However, the doctor was unable to expound on the exact condition of the MP’s blood pressure at the time of his demise or whether Thuo had a heart failure arguing that that could only be revealed after an expert analysis of his tissues.

“I cannot tell what killed the late MP. Only the pathologist can assist the court with that,” said Gathiga.

The doctor was testifying in the trial of six people; Mr Paul Wainaina Boiyo (Shekie), Mr Samuel Kuria Ngugi (Visi), Mr Andrew Karanja Wainaina,  Mr Christopher Lumbazio Andika (Lumbaa), Ms Ruth Watahi Irungu (Atlanta Venessa) and Ms Esther Ndinda Mulinge , charged with the Late Juja MP George Thuo’s murder on November 17, 2013.

The proceedings were adjourned until March 8, 2016.

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