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This Is Not What Thuo Was Served At Klub Porkiez, Witness Claims.

Photo Courtesy of The Daily Nation
Ms Phylis Wanjiku, a prosecution witness in a case in which the owner of Porkies bar in Thika, Mr Paul Wainaina Boiyo (Shekie), Mr Samuel Kuria Ngugi (Visi), Mr Andrew Karanja Wainaina,  Mr Christopher Lumbazio Andika (Lumbaa), Ms Ruth Watahi Irungu (Atlanta Venessa) and Ms Esther Ndinda Mulinge are charged with the Late Juja MP George Thuo’s murder, has disputed the list of exhibits the police presented in court as evidence of the drinks served to the deceased saying that the accompanying photographs did not portray the reality of what Mr Thuo had been served on the fateful.

While testifying on Tuesday during cross examination by Lawyer Gideon Solonka, Wanjiku said that none of the exhibits presented in court as the beer collected at Klub Porkiez bar where George Thuo was allegedly poisoned, included the drinks he had been served.  She said that she never saw the waiter serve him any Tusker Malt, a bottle of Heineken or Smirnoff as was shown in the photos.

“I was the cashier on that day (Nov. 17, 2013). The waiter served him with two beers, one cold Tusker and another warm Tusker. Both were taken to the table he was seated with his friends. The bottles were corked,” said Wanjiku.

She added that she heard Mr Thuo thank Venessa, the lady who had offered him another beer bottle and left. The woman is one of the murder suspects.

“About half an hour later, I heard bottles crash on the floor and saw Mr Thuo being carried out of the bar. I later learnt he had died," she said.

Wanjiku said that Shakie, the bar owner together with the friends who had been drinking with the Late Thuo, wept uncontrollably for losing a good friend.

Dr Tim Mbogoya, an eye specialist who is said to have attended to Mr Thuo, was also pressed to explain why the fluids Thuo had sucked from his wind pipe at a hospital in Thika before being transferred to Aga Khan Hospital were never taken for analysis.

Dr. Mbogoya, who had been introduced as a family doctor, denied being Mr Thuo’s personal doctor saying that he was only a family friend who had been called in to assist. He added that the fluid was never secured as it was “an emergency situation.”

“I received a call from my brother-in-law and rushed to Thika hospital,” said the doctor.

The hearing continues today (Wednesday).

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