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'Njuguma Ya Valentine' Premieres in Thika theatre.

Love Triangle: Watchman, Nyambura and Chauffeur part of the cast in Njuguma ya Valentine play. 

Thika theater lovers were treated to a rib cracking Gikuyu comedy this Valentine eve when Vunana Arts and Zinduka Kenya premiered their new play entitled Njuguma ya Valentine.

Njuguma ya Valentine, written and directed Vehum and produced by Nicholas Waiganjo is a story of a love triangle that revolves around a husband, his wife, the watchman, personal chauffeur and the chauffeur’s wife.

Mr Githendu, played by Vehum is a filthy rich, and extremely busy businessman who despite having a wife who is extremely beautiful goes ahead and cheats on her with another woman who coincidentally happens to be his chauffeurs’ wife.

The stage is set when Mr. Githendu embarks on a “business trip” to Mombasa and being valentines’ weekend their watchman takes advantage of his absence to make advances at his employers’ wife Nyambura, who had stayed in being a Sunday and Valentine ’s Day for that matter she decides to miss church and spend the day at home.

After dropping Mr Githendu off at the airport, the chauffer heads back home to also try his luck and pass his advances on Nyambura and if possible hit the jackpot. A contest ensues between the Watchman and Chauffeur after they realize they both have vested interests in  Nyambura and mostly who will hit the jack pot first.  But Nyambura their "Jackpot" has other plans in mind.

Theater lovers couldn't contain their laughter as they watched the rib cracking Gikuyu comedy.
Mr Githendu  returns home from his so called "business trip",  to find the watchman and the chauffeur half naked and Nyambura sandwiched between the two. Trouble starts when he starts interrogating them only for his mistress to bulge in asking him to hand in her handbag.
Her husband the chauffeur is equally shocked after realising the wife was also cheating on him with his boss.

Vehum who is a seasoned playwright and thespian wants to rejuvenate the theater scene in Thika.

"We want Thika to be a hub of theater comedy, long gone were the days we have to travel all the way to neighbouring counties to enjoy a well written and directed play, we shall soon be staging such plays on a monthly basis," says Vehum.

Keep it here for details on where the next show will be staged.

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