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Man Arrested For Attempting To Kill Sex Worker

A 27-year old John Mwaura from Machongocha Village, MbiriLocation, Kikuyu Sub-County is facing charges of assault and attempted murder after he beat up and strangled a commercial sex worker while they were inside a room in one of Thika’sGuest houses.


Mwaura is said to have rented a room on Monday night. He is said to have approached one of the security men working in the guest house to go out and look for him a prostitute to spend the night with him. The security man, Yusuf John, talked to one of the girls who were in a group and sold the idea to her.


Caroline Njeri, 27, says that when she entered the room, the man immediately asked her to strip stark naked and lie in bed. She protested saying that they hadn’t even negotiated the terms of the deal. The two settled for a deal of Sh. 1,500 morning and then went to proceed with the act. He then offered her the soda he claims to have been drinking but Njeri declined.


Njeri alleged that the man asked her to put off the lights so that they could start their business. She obeyed but before they started, she first asked him to put on some protection. Mwaura is said to have declined and demanded to have it raw since that was what made him happy. It was when Njeri refused thatMwaura turned violent.


He is alleged to have punched her on the forehead and sent her sprawling down on the floor. Before she could regain her posture, Mwaura pounced on her, kicking and punching her furiously as he threatened her of unspecified actions that he claimed to have done to his previous victims. He then strangled her as he continued threatening her of dire consequences.


Luckily for her, she managed to grab one of his fingers which she bit until he eased off the grip on her neck. It was at this time that she screamed for help and the security came to the door.Njeri says that she managed to unbolt the door as they were still struggling. Several people stormed and held the man.


Immediately, the situation was under control, the watchman rushed out and alerted some police officers who on night patrol.Mwaura was arrested and held in police custody till the following morning when he was released on a cash bail of Sh. 30,000.


He will be arraigned in court on Tuesday the 23rd of February 2016.


Njeri, who sustained some head injuries and fractured teeth, was treated at Thika Level 5 Hospital and discharged. She now says that she is fearing for her life.


Kiambu Commercial Sex Workers Association spokesman Mr. Barrack Richard lamented about the rise in the cases of attacks on the sex workers. He said that these girl were on very many occasions attacked and at times killed by unknown people who posed as clients.


He was worried that there might be a resurgence of the murders of sex workers that were witnessed in the town four years ago. He cited similar incidences in Nakuru recently where commercial sex workers are found murdered in hotel rooms by their patrons. He feared that we might be heading to the ‘Onyancha’ type of murders therefore calling on the authorities to be more vigilant and protect his members.


He said that they are now planning for a meeting of allcommercial sex workers with the security agents this comingSaturday at Sasa Centre to discuss about their safety.

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