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"I Don't How It Happened!" Man Who Chopped His Genitals Now Claims.

Last Saturday's incident about the young man from Kiganjo Estate who chopped off his private parts and attempted to cut off his wife's breast seems to be very far from over. 

Speaking to Thika Town Today from his hospital bed on Wednesday evening, Duncan Moseti said that he was still in shock and could not really tell how it all happened. 

Moseti said that on that fateful Friday evening, he went home after work and had dinner with the wife at his elder brother's house before retiring to bed. It is from there, he claims, that a quarrel ensued after the wife denied him his conjugal rights. In anger, they exchanged some bitter words where he alleged that the wife was behaving so because she had started having an affair outside their matrimonial bed.

At around 1 or 2 am Saturday morning, Moseti woke up from his sleep, picked a knife and started cutting his wife's breast. The pain triggered her out her slumber and shot out of the bed screaming for help. Her reaction disrupted Moseti's plans, diverting his ire to himself. 

He threatened to chop off his manhood and kill their 1-year old daughter, claiming that since the wife no longer needed his 'transformer', he saw no reason staying with one. According to him, he doesn't know when and how exactly he chopped it. All he remembers was finding himself holding them by the hands and feeling a very sharp pain from his groin.

He says that he is now remorseful for what he did and apologised to his wife for the pain and mental torture he subjected her through his actions. He pleaded with her for forgiveness and promised to take care of her and the daughter once he was out of hospital.

When asked if he thought the wife would take him back in his present condition and after what he did, Moseti said that it was up to her to decide if at all she would take him without the 'machine'.

We caught up with the wife, Margaret Achieng, as she was being discharged from hospital after undergoing a very successful repair of the damaged tissues and she was all elated and thanking God for being alive. She vehemently denied that she had denied him his conjugal rights saying that she let him have his way but he kept on demanding for more until she could not take it any longer. That is when she put a stop to it and that made him angry.

She claimed to have forgiven him but feared that he may turn against her once they settled back together. She appealed to anyone who might help her locate any of her relatives from Alego Usonga to connect her to them. Achieng claims that she is a victim of the 2007-8 Post Elections Violence and doesn't know if her parents were still alive or not. Ever since she ran away to Mbita and later to Isebania, she has never seen or heard about them.

She is very green in Thika (2 weeks now) and knows no one apart from his husband and the brother-in-law, with whom they are staying with for now.

Madam Catherine Njeri Mwihia, The Senior Nurse-In-Charge at Thika Level 5 Hospital said that Moseti had already undergone some reconstructive surgery and was actually out of danger. She said that he was still in shock and in denial one week after the incident occurred. 

"This morning, the patient (Moseti) shot out of bed and ran round the hospital screaming when he realised that he did not have his private parts. The staff were able to catch up with him and was put under drugs to calm him down. For now he is okay and out of danger," said Mrs. Mwihia.

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She added that Moseti's case was delicate since he had a history of previously attempting suicide. 

The hospital is employing the services of their psychiatrist who is regularly assessing both his mental and physical aspects of psychological problems. He (Moseti) has to use a tube for short calls and would be discharged once the would heals and the doctors are sure of his mental status.

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