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Former Street Boy Beats All Odds To Earn Himself The 'Wings To Fly'.

They said that in life, everything happens for a reason; and things will always fall in place as they should. This seems to sum up Brian Ngatia's (17) life so far.

Just about 15 years ago, would have never dreamt of being in a position of being able to be guaranteed of a bright future. 

As recent as 2013, Ngatia was hustling life on the streets of Nairobi and Thika; scavenging for what to eat and where to sleep as the cruel hand of nature had denied him a chance to have a normal childhood upbringing. 

The streets were his home, his life, his all. He dropped out of school in Standard two and had been surviving in the concrete jungle called Of Nairobi and Thika for about 11 years.

In the year 2013, an NGO called Action For Children In Conflict (AFCIC) picked him up to join their mentorship programme in Thika. It is in this sessions where he first realised that indeed there could be life out of the streets.

A year later, Ngatia expressed his interest to re-join school. With the help of the administrator, he was admitted  to Queen of Rosary Primary School where he sat his Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) last year.

He attained 369 marks in his Standard Eight examinations and AFCIC assisted him to apply for the 'Wings to Fly' scholarships offered by Equity Bank to bright but needy students.

On Tuesday, he joined other beneficiaries of the scholarship from Thika Region to start a new chapter in life. A dream that had previously been just some illusion. He is now guaranteed of joining Kiambu High School and eventually pursuing his dream career in law.

"I just thank God and my sponsors (AFCIC) for this far. I would also like to thank Equity for giving me my set of wings to fly. Previously I had lost hope and the will to live. I know no close relative. But now I have hope to become a lawyer so that I can assist other destitute children access justice," he said.

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