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Empower Kiambu Residents With The Right Civic Education - Chania.

Kiambu TNA Co-ordinator Madam Gladys Chania Mwangi has called on all Kiambu leaders to empower their electorates with important civic and voter education that will engage and empower them to play a more active role in government planning and decision-making process at all levels of government.

Speaking exclusively with Thika Town Today, Chania said that community and passionate service demanded  total dedication and availability to the people you cared about. She therefore asked all Kiambu people to join hands to ensure everyone within the county was empowered with information which she said was lacking on the ground.

"Lack of civic education amongst our people is leading a lot of things to go wrong. Our people don't know their citizenry rights. They don't know how to get involved in crucial decision making issues affecting them and governance. This has created loopholes that has led to the wrong choice of leadership. If the society is well empowered, they will be in a better position to vet their leaders and vote only for those who deserved to be in leadership," she said. 

She called on all leaders in Kiambu County to mobilise all those without Identity Cards (IDs) and voters cards to register as this was their only way to guarantee themselves of a stake to their own destiny. She said that she would work with all leaders of like mind to see to it that the Kiambu community was sensitized on the individual advantage of voting as well as voting on issues based leadership. 

Poor choice of leadership was the reason our people saw nothing good in polls, she added. She promised to help Kiambu citizens organize and advocate for solutions to their own problems, demand changes in policies and raise public awareness on how best they could improve their standard of living.

She promised to help establish issue working groups made up of citizens and local officials to address priority issues set by the community.  By working with all cadres of people she would give a voice to people who would otherwise not have had the opportunity to participate in the political life of their country – including women, youth and persons living with disability.

And for her love for the young people, she promised to help them implement community projects, develop advocacy skills as they conducted various government watchdog activities. 

"I will continue giving a voice to the most vulnerable in society, be it women, youth and minorities such as Persons Living With Disability, by empowering them to hold their leaders accountable, involve them in and inform them about elections processes and how they engage in the policy-making processes at all levels of government," she concluded.

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