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The Poor State Of Roads Now becoming a Real Concern To Ngoingwa Residents.

This is not a road in one of the remote parts of Mount Kenya Region.... Noooo! This Is Ngoingwa Esatate, a serene urban residential estate that Thika takes pride in.

Ngoingwa residents are appealing to the County Government of Kiambu to come into their aid over the poor state of roads, especially the Chania B side between the Thika Superhighway Flyover and Sijas Shopping Centre which are in very bad state.

They claim that these access roads are so bad that even school buses are refusing to collect kids from their homes. Parents are now forced to seek alternative means to get their kids to the main road since most of these roads are completely destroyed by the continuing rains. 

Flying dust, water stagnation and potholes on the roads are making it tough for motorists to drive in such poor conditions. Driving home to majority of the area residents has been a nightmare especially at night when visibility is poor. They have also to contend with occasional visits to the mechanics due to breakdown of their vehicle parts.

After the recent rains, the road conditions have turned from bad to worse. Residents are vexed with bumpy rides on these roads. Most roads here are inaccessible during the rainy weather. 

A spot check by the Thika Town Today crew on Monday saw first hand, the kind of challenges these residents have to go through everyday. Most of the roads are in deplorable state, a situation worsened by the ongoing rains. In some areas especially the paddy near Classic Shopping Centre and a few houses near the Full Gospel Church are completely waterlogged, making them a good bleeding ground for mosquitoes and blood flukes, a parasitic worm that causes bilharzia,  

Apart from the few roads that the County Government and the area MCA Hon. Kennedy Mwangi did, the residents are being forced to mend the all by themselves, just to make them access home during the wet weather. They are accusing the County Government of ignoring their sufferings despite allocating huge lumps of money for roads rehabilitation every year.

“Let the county government step in and rehabilitate these roads or allow the private firms ready to assist do so,” said one resident

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