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The Kiambu I dream About, Madam Chania.

Kiambu TNA Coordinator Madam Gladys Chania Mwangi has expressed dream to one day see the Kiambu Mama Mboga transforming into Mama Duka and the Mama Duka owning a supermarket or getting into the import/export business. 

Referring First Lady Margaret Kenyatta as her greatest inspiration, Madam Chania said that she wished that she would one day do something worthwhile for the community that created such great impact like the Beyond Zero campaign. She added that this was only possible if those in leadership worked to empower women and youth both economically and socially. That she said, was the driving force for her aspirations to leadership.

She said that the women and youth faced too many huddles in their rise to leadership, a factor that discouraged very many of them into submission and eventually bowing out into desperation.

"This is why you see me fight for women with much zeal. When you see me fight alcoholism that entails support services on treatment and rehabilitation. When you see me endeavor handling issues affecting the disabled and their education as well as supporting initiatives that empower people financially, I am aiming at achieving my dream of a Kiambu where everyone is enjoying abundance," she said. 

She added that being a woman herself, she tell the woman's plight plight first hand since she too had had gone through some of these challenges. 

Hers is also compounded by the nature of the work she does at the TNA office in Kiambu.

"It is a very challenging post as it needs one to be very impartial. I must ensure I handle matters delicately so that I do not to hurt the confidence of aspirants or party members. I oversee party activities and programmes on the ground. I also co-ordinate party nominations for aspirants and ensure that the party gets the best candidate from all the aspiring candidates," she said.

But she said that she gets her inspiration from the people and family members.

"I am ambitious and courageous. I find happiness in helping people and serving my country. My love for the community keeps me going. I have a very understanding and loving husband who supports me all the time. My dad is my mentor who has managed to achieve a lot on community service and has been a dedicated public servant," she concluded.

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