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Take Up Leadership Roles: Young People Encouraged.

Young people in Kenya have been encouraged to take up leadership within the political sphere if they desire to see change.

Kenya National Youth Council Secretary Arnold Maliba addressing participants during the youth in governance training at Global Platform-Nairobi.
Speaking during a Youth in Governance training at the Global Platform-Nairobi, Kenya National Youth Council Secretary Arnold Maliba said "its about time politics in Kenya are redefined, as a society there is need to view politics as a career as opposed to a form of actualization,".

Participants listen attentively to Kenya National Youth Council Secretary Arnold Maliba.
He further encouraged the participants to get involved in active politics noting that a vast majority of the middle class and youth in Kenya only take action against certain evils on social media avenues, though its a form of participation they ought to move out of their comfort zones and fight for change by seeking political office.

Noting that democracy is like milk, where the best substance(cream) gets to the tops, Mr. Arnold acknowledged that the electoral process is Kenya is skewed in that we elect leaders who have integrity issues and complain that they are not fit for office and yet we are the ones who elected them.

He concluded by noting that young people are the hope of Kenya and thus the need to train and empower them in matters governance.

The Youth in Governance training is a 10 day session aimed at empowering the youth on their role in governance and as change agents in various communities, the training has drawn close to 30 participants  from different counties in Kenya and neighbouring states.

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