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Thika Town looks so filthy and dirty after the Christmas Holiday.
Our Paparazzi took time to do some shots and this is what they discovered. Garbage has pilled up in several streets in Thika Town after the Christmas break. It seems as though that the County Government workers downed their tools and went for Christmas holidays just like any one else.

Then there is also an aspect of irresponsibility on the part of Thika residents who seem to have carelessly been duping garbage allover. in some of these place there was a ray of suspicion in the manner of dumping that had been executed. There seems as though someone was deliberately littering some of these areas with the intention of painting the county government with some bad light.

The presence of the stinking waste in the town centre is now causing untold suffering to residents particularly owners of eateries who are warning of a health crisis.

Over to you County Government of Kiambu..... Kazi kwenu.

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