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It is a known fact that Christmas is the busiest time in the burglar's and petty thief's calendar. The reasons are very obvious. 

People and their properties are simply more vulnerable at this time of year due to the nature of people getting carried away by the celebrations. Homes are more frequently left empty in the whirlwind of upcountry trips, social events and visits, while the elongated holiday break itself encourage more people to take a holiday, leaving their property unattended for even longer periods. 

However, things around Thika Town this season were quite different. Thika approached and celebrated Christmas Eve in a calm and secure environment with no major incidents reported. 

The town and its environs remained peaceful with just a few incidences of idlers or drunks finding themselves on the wrong side of the law. As far as we can tell now there were no major incidents reported or major crimes such as assaults or burglary, either within the CBD or in the town's residential areas.

This can be attributed to the heavy police presence and patrols, thanks to the Thika Police OCPD Mr. Erastus Muthamia. The members of public too had their role to play through community policing and the now popular 'Nyumba Kumi' initiative. Wananchi were alert and keen to observe any suspicious activities that happened around their neighbourhood. Their community leaders were always in touch with the security personnel just in case something amiss cropped up cooperate with police.

It is for this reason that the Thika Town Today crew appeals to everyone to continue being responsible and observant as they enjoy the festivities in peace. The public should provide timely information to the police in case they see anything that is suspicious so that the police and other security organs can respond fast.

As things stand now, Thika Police seems to be on standby and ready to respond to any calls and help in any way possible.

Kudos to the Thika Sub-County security team!

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