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Thika Town MP Hon. Alice Wambui Ng'ang'a was Tuesday Morning arraigned before a Milimani Court by three men claiming to be chairperson and committee members of Soko Owners Youth Group, seeking to restrain the MP from accessing, sub-dividing, re-allocating or in any way, interfering with operations of the disputed Madaraka Market in Makongeni, Thika Sub-County. 

They claimed that she was planning to re-build and sub-divide the market to new members without their consent or involvement, which was against the interest of Madaraka Market traders. They further alleged that on the night of the 21st of Nov 2015, the MP's youth violently accessed the market where they set it up on fire leading to destruction of properties. 

However, the court enjoined Madaraka Market Traders in the case through their chairman a Mr. Ephantus Ngari. The traders alleged that petitioner did not at all represent interests of the traders in Madaraka Market and that the facts presented before the court were false and misleading. They had sought to be heard so as to help the honourable court unearth the truth of this whole matter. 

The MP and the County Government of Kiambu, who were mentioned as an interested party in this case, were directed to respond to the allegations by the complainant within seven days.

Justice Isaac Lenaola temporarily restrained Hon. Alice Ng'ang'a, the Kiambu County Government or any other person from accessing the market with the intent to  sub-dividing, re-allocating or in any way, interfering with the operations of Madaraka Market, until the case was heard and determined.

Hearing was slated for the 18th of Dec. 2015.

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