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This Tuesday, Madaraka Market in Makongeni, Thika Sub County remained a shell of its old self as the usually bustling facility was deserted. All businesses remained closed as hundrends of the market's traders boarded a total of 21buses to attend the Milimani Court hearing that pitted Thika Town MP Hon. Alice Ng'ang'a against Kiambu County Governor Hon William Kabogo. 

Hon. Ng'ang'a had been arraigned before Justice Isaac Lenaola to answer to charges by the county government of Kiambu that she along with others not in court had made public statements to defame the county government and its leadership.
With no single trading activity being reported, a handful of security men manned the market to guard against theft of stock. This was in complete contrast to all other Tuesdays when the facility is usually a beehive of activities. (Tuesdays and Fridays are usually the official market days). Traders had been notified of the interruption yesterday and had made prior arrangements to travel to Nairobi for the case.

There was very little presence of Mikokoteni and vehicle transporters who usually throng the market to ferry the produce. Those who had peached camp had nothing to but laze around or sleep inside their van or on top of their mikokoteni telling tales. We never saw any loaders when we visited the market earlier this morning. 

For the few who had no information of the temporary closer of the market, their mission to buy foodstuff hit a snag when they reported there this morning. The 2TS matatu and the bodaboda riders who usually made a boom business out of the activity in the market had to do with minimal business today for there were very few people moving up and down makongeni area.

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