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Justice George Odunga has lifted the order suspending the implementation of the Kiambu County Finance Bill 2015 that governs revenue collection.

The High Court Judge  overruled an earlier order barring the county government from collecting any rates from JAMOFASTAR Welfare  Association saying that the court had no option but but to allow the county government to go ahead with its operations..

The county lawyer Mr.  Peter Wanyama had accused the association of withholding material facts when they sought to stop the Finance Act. He told the court that the county government was unable to collect any revenue due the order.

 JAMOFASTAR had argued that the Kiambu Finance Act 2015-16 had  imposed new taxes, fees and charges to the residents of Kiambu County without being supported by the relevant substantive/parent laws. They had also argued that the process did not properly involve public participation, thus an illegality.

Over the weekend,the residents of Jamuhuri, Ofafa, Starehe and Ziwani Estates had sent their area MCA Hon. Mwangi Wamwangi to negotiate on their behalf to the County Government of Kiambu on how they would pay the arrears in installments that dated back to the year 2014. Their rent has been in arrears due to the two court cases that they had contested against the Kiambu County Finance Bills of 2013/14 and 2014/15.

The MCA had appealed to them to seek an amicable solution to unravel this stalemate. He informed them that he had gone out his way to fight for their plight in this financial year, especially on matters that touched on the county rates. For instance, in the 2014/2015 budget, some residents were paying sh. 1700 while others sh.2500. But in this year's budget, Jamhuri, Ofafa and Starehe tenants will pay a standardized rate of sh.1000.

The court directed the matter to be heard on January19th 2016.

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