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Just how well do we know the origin of the names behind our streets?

Now here is a challenge, I dare you to name at least three streets or roads wifamous prophetown and for a bonus point give me the origin or rather the reason why it was named that. This was a10minute test that a regular read of this blog challenged me to take and before I reveal my score here is a small write up I would love to share of my knowledge about the names of the streets in thika town after employing a few research techniques that include using the internet, mid morning walks and occasional Boda Boda rides.

As you enter Thika from Nairobi you will definitely use Kenyatta Highway, Kenyatta was the founding father of Kenya the first head of state highway stretches all the way up to the Garissa road junction near Jua Kali.
Mugo Kibiro starts from shell petrol station near section njne named after the famous prophet who predicted the coming of the "iron snake" to the land of the Agikuyu.

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