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TNA Kiambu County Coordinator and a re-known youth, drug & substance abuse counsellor, Madam Gladys Chania Mwangi has challenged Thika and Kiambu residents to establish a zero tolerance to social ills within their areas of operations. She said that it was quite unfortunate that most people turned a blind eye whenever they witnessed social ills being publicly committed not considering their effects on the behaviour of our kids and youth. 

She lamented that Thika was currently witnessing an upsurge of street commercial workers who were openly and shamelessly trading their 'wares' on our streets yet no one was raising a finger about the issue. In some buildings within the town, there existed businesses whose rooms that had been subdivided to provide room for illegal lodgings.

"How do you explain a business which sells pork to unsuspecting clients but behind it the owner has subdivided it to create room for a bed where commercial sex workers traded with impunity? This pathetic and quite unacceptable!" She lashed out.

She added that the behaviour had adverse results in the future of our youth and it was the high time Thika said no to such open exposure to our children. 

She added that alcohol and prostitution went hand in hand and there was a need people controlled their drinking habits. Arresting and arraigning these commercial workers in court was never the remedy. She therefore called on both the national and county governments to partner and seek some permanent solution to this problem.

She too called upon Kiambu County come out with a solution to the chokora menace. She said that they had become so many and were now a threat to the residents. 

"It really pains me when I watch these young kids sniff glue and see their lives get destroyed. When I ask them why they do it they tell me that it helps them forget their problems and also help them beat the cold during the chilly nights. You both county and national governments should help clear them from the streets. Put up some home somewhere where they can be rehabilitated and transformed into useful people," she said.

She also called on parents to be more careful with what they exposed their children to especially at the forthcoming festivities. She advised them against taking children to alcoholic joints or keeping alcohol at home. This she said was a recipe for anarchy. These children would end up being adventurous and start experimenting on what they could get at home. 

She appealed to parents to serve as good role models since children were wired to imitate what they saw from adults.  

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