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Education Principal Secretary Bellio Kipsang has said that next week's selection for admission into Form One will be done on merit, equity and choice of schools by candidates and the capacity and category of schools.

 He said that the five top candidates of either gender in each sub-county will be placed in national schools of their choice, irrespective of whether they are from public or private schools. However, the top three will be selected first across all sub-counties and then the remaining two according to candidature strength. This was due to the fact that some areas had very low candidature hence the equity requirement.

The rest of the candidates in each sub-county will then be selected based on candidature strength between public and private schools. The selection process will also include computation of quotas, pre-selection, selection to special needs education and integrated schools, national schools, county, sub-county selection and replacement.

At national, extra- county and county levels, selection will be fully computerised and based on merit and candidates' choice as much as possible.

The 103 national schools have been grouped into four clusters with the candidates expected to choose at most one from each cluster while in the extra-county schools, the ratio of public to private school candidates will be 70:30.

Dr Kipsang added that consideration for selection will be restricted to candidates who sat for KCPE in 2015 while cases of candidates who sat KCPE in at most the last two years and wish to rejoin the system will be considered during replacement, based on merit. He said that next year anticipated capacity for each school will be computed on the basis of 45 students per stream.

Schools that have already done pre-selection include the 25 special needs schools, Starehe Boys, Starehe Girls, Moi Forces Academy Nairobi, Moi Forces Lanet and Utumishi Academy.

Dr Kipsang said candidates who fail to take up places in schools where they will have been selected to join will be replaced after missing the reporting deadline set by the ministry.

The release of the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) examination results for over 900,000 candidates is scheduled for Wednesday next week.

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