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Residents of Jamuhuri, Ofafa, Starehe and Ziwani Estates on Sunday sent their area MCA Hon. Mwangi Wamwangi to negotiate on their behalf to the County Government of Kiambu on how they would pay the arrears in installments that dated back to the year 2014. Their rent has been in arrears due to two court cases that they had contested against the Kiambu County Finance Bills of 2013/14 and 2014/15.

This came after he met them at the Thika Community Hall to sensitize them on the need to unravel their stalemate. He told them that they were living in times of dialogue and it was only prudent that they sat down with the county government to chart a way forward. He informed them that he had gone out his way to fight for their plight in this financial year, especially on matters that touched on the county rates. For instance, in the 2014/2015 budget, some residents were paying sh. 1700 while others sh.2500. But in this year's budget, Jamhuri, Ofafa and Starehe tenants will pay a standardized rate of sh.1000.

He engaged them in a Question and Answer session  that was meant to clear all puzzles that related to their grievances. He promised them that he would work closely with the concerned authorities to see to it that there existed an amicable solution to the whole matter.

Earlier in the morning, the MCA made an impromptu tour of  Ofafa Mafuriko, where he was shocked to witness the poor state these residents lived in especially after the Saturday night rains. Majority of their houses were submerged in rain runoff s due to poor drainage.

The problem had been necessitated by the erection of the Mount Kenya University Buildings which interfered with the flow of the storm from Ziwani and Ofafa Mafuriko ares. He engaged with the residents where they fronted a few ideas that they believed would offer some lasting solution.

He promised to work with all Hospital Ward residents to ensure that, together, they came up with the solutions to all the problems they encountered.

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