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Commemorating World Human Rights Day.

Tokeo la picha la human rights day 2015 

Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states "All Human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights,"

Proclamation of this declaration can be traced back to December 1948 during the second world war when the international community struggled to highlight certain issues that violated basic human rights and freedom. The annual commemoration of the World Human Rights Day every 10th of December is one such event  Issues that dwell on democracy, racism, women’s rights, rights of the child among others are highlighted during this day.

This year’s World Human Rights Day is theme is:  ‘Our Rights, Our Freedoms Always’.

There are various events lined up to commemorate this day ranging from discussions through debates, conferences, forums with the sole intent of educating the mwananchi about his/her human rights.
 As a nation Kenya is still struggling with an array of human rights issues corruption is virtually in every ones minds and its amplified by the political class,gender parity among both sexes is not at its best with women still continuing to fight for equal treatment with their male counter parts in the scramble for leadership positions.

The state of human rights in Kenya ought to be discussed and interrogated with the sole aim of establishing the gains we have so far amassed and also check on the losses as we come up with possible and tangible solutions.

Therefore as we join the world in commemorating this important day, it is important that as a society we try our level best to work towards respecting Human rights and up holding them all the times.

Happy World Human Rights Day

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