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The entrance to Thika Main Prison.
 Tuesday was a day like no other for the inmates of Thika Men and Women Prisons as they played host to rare visitors who came bearing christmas gifts and good tidings.

Through an  initiative dubbed #KrisiNaWafungwa was organised by various stakeholders within the business community key among them;- International Professional Counselors Centre (IPCC), Lil Magic Events , 14 Falls Lounge, Djornie Hair & Beauty, Thika Town Today, among others.

Other than the gift packs and other niceties the host brought, the inmates were taken through some counseling sessions courtesy of IPCC where they were encouraged to look beyond their custody and hope in the future.

Motivational Speaker Ezekiel who is also visually impaired gives his words of advice.
Dj Mmarik of B-Sound provided the entertainment these brothers and sisters really craved for. They danced their day away, forgetting all the challenges they went through.

Cecilia Ochol gave the little ones born in prison a reason to smile through the provision of bouncing castles and face painting. She also bailed out two inmates who had been in custody for lack of money.

Lil Magic Events Cecilia ''Cess'' Ochol gives her remarks and counsel to the inmates.

Counsellor Susan Gitau giving the inmates a word of advice.
Djornie Haircare groomed the women and men, giving them a completely new look.

The event was graced by Hospital Ward MCA Hon. Mwangi Wa Mwangi his nominated counter part Hon. Florence Ngeru who took time to encourage both male and female inmates to push on with life despite their current predicaments and once they are through with their sentences the can be lest assured of their support to reintegrate back to society.

The scrumptious cake courtesy of Valentine Cake house. 

Reigning Miss Amboseli-2015 Natasha Carol offers to groom a lady in the correction facility.
Thika Prisons Commander Mr. Kunzu and his deputy  Mrs. Mutisya thanked the organisors of this event for thei kind gesture. They acknowledged the noble task that the #KrisiNaWafungwa undertook to spend time with the inmates and threw a challenge to those who had taken time to visit to try and possible to pay regular visits to the correctional facilities.

The climax of the day was the cutting of a commemorative/Christmas cake.

Speaking to Thika Town Today on condition of anonymity a lady inmate said
 "Hii Krisi sitaona familia yangu but Mungu abariki wale wamekuja hapa waka tu podoa na kuonyesha mapenzi kwa kutulea msaada."

Other inmates expressed their gratitude to their guest and wished that they would visit regularly. They said that this was a very special occasion to them because it helped them feel wanted and valued. They agreed that such occasions were crucial to their reformation process

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