December 2015

The County Government of Kiambu department of Youth and Sports has deployed the following officers to the sub counties. 




The officers have already reported to their sub county offices and will be going around the sub-counties introducing themselves to the youth and relevant stakeholders.

Kiambu youth and sports men/women are encouraged to engage and challenge these officers to serve them diligently.


Dear Kenyans,

We have come to the end of what has been a truly remarkable year.  A year ago when I was speaking to you in a similar occasion to usher Year 2015, I indicated that Year 2015 would be a year of possibility for Kenya.  Following what we all experienced, achieved and witnessed, no one can deny this today. 

We cannot, however, deny the fact that during the Year we also faced a number of challenges and setbacks.  But in spite of the challenges we faced, overall we emerged stronger as a Nation.

Where we are today is different from where we were a year ago.  We have travelled far along the path envisioned for us by our founding fathers, and paved by our predecessors.  Together, we have worked hard towards the promise of a truly free, peaceful and prosperous Kenya.  Together, we have continued to entrench the value of patriotism, integrity and hard work and to strengthen our commitment to a just, transparent, accountable and inclusive society.

Fellow Kenyans,

In dealing with the challenges that looked insurmountable, we grew in strength, resilience and capability.  This way, we have been able to endure extremely painful losses, bolstered by our courage and the strategies of confronting and defeating our enemies, as well as efficient methodologies we have adopted to solve problems.

In 2015, we completed the final phase of our effort to spread light to every village in Kenya by connecting every Government primary school to electricity.  This has enabled us to lay a foundation for the delivery of our promise of modern, digital learning in primary schools.  For thefirst time in our nation’s history, we are also on target to connect one million households to the national grid in a single financial year, remaining on target to connect 70 per cent of Kenyan households to electricity by 2017.

By connecting market centres and rural households to power, we have significantly enhanced the basis for strengthening productivity of the rural economy.

Fellow Kenyans

With regard to the environment and wildlife conservation, I wish to also report significant progress in 2015. Poaching declined a massive 80 percent.  The number of elephants poached fell to 57 while the number of rhinos poached fell to 5.

With respect to the environment, 150 million seedlings were prepared for planting, improving forest cover to 7.2 per cent.

After the successful Climate Change summit in Paris, Kenya received $10 million from the Climate adaptation fund while Denmark committed to supporting Kenya with 7.5 billion shillings for the Green Growth and Employment Project.  Further, the Renewable Energy Initiative pledged $10 billion in renewable energy projects for the region, and we stand to benefit significantly.

Fellow Kenyans

In 2015, we began to deliver the promise of effective, modern, hi-tech healthcare to all Kenyans.  In addition to the national, referral hospitals, we shall have 2 hospitals in every county equipped with facilities to screen and treat conditions that have caused patients, in the past, to travel abroad at great cost.  Already we have equipped 15 hospitals and our target is to complete the remainder by June 2016 to bolster access to health services.  Additionally the Government has in place a programme for 100 fully fitted containerised clinics with particular focus being improved services to informal settlements.

We have successfully engaged County Governors to develop necessary conditions to attract appropriate professionals and to provide the resources required to make healthcare provision robust and sustainable.

Fellow Kenyans,

In a bid to confront and deal with insecurity, we commenced 2015 with the passage of security laws that were absolutely necessary in supporting our security apparatus to combat crime and terrorism.

As we look back, we are proud and confident of the actions we took because, today, even our critics would agree, we are generally enjoying better security in our country.   The improvement in security that we witness today has not only restored the confidence of Kenyans but also boosted their ability to go about their businesses unhindered.

In 2016, we will endeavour to make Kenya even more safer for all Kenyans and our visitors.  MyGovernment will continue to reach out to all communities to strengthen National Cohesion, and Unity.

Dear Kenyans,

Our sons and daughters continue to make immensely heavy sacrifices to defend us from enemies within and outside our territory.  Let us honour the memory of members of our disciplined forces who have given their lives in the line of duty.  Let us also remember in our prayer those civilians who lost their lives during terrorist and criminal attacks.  We cannot fully claim to be safe from those misguided elements who seek to harm us.  So Let us resolve today to once again rededicate ourselves to our commitment to do our part in keeping ourselves, our families, communities and nation safe and secure.

Turning to matters of the national economy, in 2015, we continued to manage our economic affairs prudently to sustain development and provide resilience against myriad shocks in a volatile global environment.  Given everything going on around the world, it could truly have been worse, but it wasn’t the case.

Fellow Kenyans,

As a Government we know the value of good governance and integrity and for this reason we have prioritised promotion of integrity and the fight against corruption as a key pillar of our socio-economic development agenda.  This is why in 2015 we, in a big way, enhanced our efforts to restore sanity in public life and give integrity a chance. Our multi-agency strategy against corruption has begun to bear fruits. In 2015, we drew first blood in the duel with the corruption monster and in 2016 we intend to increase these efforts.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

In 2015, our relationship with our neighbours and friends abroad grew deeper and stronger. With our African siblings, we accelerated the integration agenda and intensified the pursuit of our mutual interests.  In other continents, Kenya stamped its footprint, making friends and successfully fostering win-win, mutually beneficial interests which rapidly advanced our development agenda.  We wooed many investors and attracted millions of dollars in foreign direct investment.  We increased our exports.  We helped bring peace and understanding in troubled lands.  We raised our stature in the community of nations and earned the respect Kenya deserves.  This is why we had the honour to host world leaders, and will be able to do so in days to come.  Our diplomacy and international leadership has come of age, and it is beneficial for us all.

Fellow Kenyans,

A number of the achievements we have made are gradual and incremental, calling for patience, persistence, investment and courage over a long period of time.  Yet every passing day the transformation is underway.  What is normal today – electricity, cell phones, devolution, security system improvement, digital broadcasting, internet – were figments and desires only a few years ago.  This is how society evolves and transforms.

Other achievements are stark breaks from the usual, charting of new waters, paradigm shifts. They are visible to the eye, and progress can be observed effortlessly.  Like the Standard Gauge Railway which will shortly go past Nairobi towards Naivasha.  Like the electrification of schools and the modernisation of hospitals.

In all this, we learn that transformation requires unwavering vision, boundless imagination, constant commitment, persistence, patience and solidarity.  I am proud to say that the people of Kenya have never been short of these attributes.  This is the one reason I am certain that we will succeed in our endeavours and triumph on our chosen path.  What we achieved in 2015, we achieved together.  We encountered possibility together and confronted together our challenges as one people.

In 2016, we will launch the programme to build 8,000 kilometres of new tarmacked roads.  Theprojects will cover every county of Kenya.  The first batch totalling 1,700 kilometers will be launched this January.  A second batch of 1,800 kilometers will be launched in March.  I appeal to Governors to fully support this programme.

As we prepare to review our education curriculum to make it more modern and relevant to the changing development needs of the 21st century we remain focused and determined to deliver digital learning devises to our schools this year. We will do a lot more that I do not wish to set out at this moment.  Most importantly, we will work together as one people to build a great nation that each one of us will be proud to call home.  We will remain open, democratic, transparent,united and peaceful.  We will achieve our dream:  happy individuals, strong families, united communities and a successful nation.  The transformation will continue with greater momentum.  We will keep on delivering on our promise.

As we usher in the Year 2016, I wish to appeal to every Kenyan starting with our leaders, to help restore our National Pride.  For far too long we have dwelt in negative talk, criticism and hatred. Besides undermining our dignity as a Nation, this negativity has also diminished our patriotism and expected love for our Motherland.  In 2016 we must rekindle the love for our dear Nation.  Wemust demonstrate through actions that we are truly Kenyans by standing tall in the Community of Nations.

In 2015 Kenya was at the centre of Global spotlight, as we hosted US President Barrack Obamaand the GES Conference in Nairobi.  Later on Kenya played host to Pope Francis.  We closed the year by hosting the WTO Ministerial Conference.  Besides the three major events, Kenya, earlier in the year, won the World Athletic Championships in Beijing, and also sent Doctorsand Paramedical staff to West Africa to combat the deadly Ebola Virus.

In this and many more ways in 2015 we were as a country able to shine.  We must, therefore, enter 2016 in a spirit of standing up for Kenya and saying no to negativity, parochialism and engaging in small talk.

In this instant I would like to hail the act of bravery demonstrated by patriotic Kenyans during the recent attack on a bus in Mandera.  Through sheer bravery and courage they were able to save the lives of fellow Kenyans.  They truly stood up for Kenya.  I salute and congratulate them for their quick and heroic action.

My call to each and every Kenyan, let us in 2016 stand up for Kenya by demonstrating true love for one another, patriotism for our Motherland and embracing and celebrating each other.  We must learn to listen to each other, by talking to each other and not talking at one another.

We must tell each other things that help build Kenya.  We must be driven by an urge to make Kenya better by providing solutions to issues and challenges that confront us.  We must face the future as one United Nation, seeking a common solution to our problems.

Every Kenyan must stand up for Kenya, for this is the only way we will build a strong Nation that is respected and honoured globally.

As your President I will be steadfast and committed to standing up for Kenya.  I call each one of you to stand with me in making Kenya proud.  My Government is willing to listen to every Kenyan who comes forth with useful ideas to building a strong Kenya.  We will listen to you and implement any good ideas geared towards improving our common destiny.

Fellow Kenyans,

God has been gracious and generous to us.  As we start 2016, let us remember to always be a nation dedicated to the service of humankind and to the glory of our Almighty Creator.  I pray forevery-one of you, for your families, and for our Nation, that as we shed the old year and embrace the new one, may God see us through a year of great achievement.  Let us stay true to who we are.  Let us love our country and one another.  Let us work together to achieve more for our Nation and people in 2016 and beyond.

I wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

May God continue blessing all of us, and our great Nation.

 Fellow Thikarians!
I greet and felicitate with you all as we enter the year 2016 which promises to be a momentous one for our town for several reasons. I also join you all in giving thanks to God Almighty for guiding us through all the challenges of the outgoing year
It has been a very momentous six months for this team. Through your support, Thika Town Today has been able to keep Thika people informed and updated, thereby making us the real talk of the town. We would not have been able to achieve this much were it not for all those of you who kept us in touch with all what was transpiring around Thika Town and its environs via WhatsApp, SMSes and calls that enabled us get news and updates in real-time.
We cannot also forget all those who inspired us on through messages of encouragement, 'Liking' our page, posts, sharing and commenting on these posts. Then there is this other team of fans who always went out of their way to  support our course through the purchase of bundles and other monetary assistance that helped us in the logistics that kept us online 24-7.

Thika Town Today crew salutes you all and thank you so much for your role in keeping our beloved town on the world map. In fact, you are the real voice of Thika. Together, we kept keep Thika updated, informed and enlightened. We are are the proud 237ners.

Well, the new Year is the start of beautiful phase of life and a new beginning of new hopes, aspirations and dreams. It is one of the most popular occasions which is celebrated by everyone. We project a very promising year 2016.

Through your support, we have now acquired the rights to take over a previous publication that kept Thika people updated on the goings on of their town. Starting this January, Thika Town Today will be publishing a monthly magazine (may later turn by-weekly) under the The Thika Times banner where we intend to reach the other section of our populace who aren't online.

We also intend to start an online App that will enable us reach you via SMS through subscription so as we can let each one of our own to be in touch with Thika news wherever they are regardless of their ability to be digital.

I can assure you that this team remains fully committed to the progressive development of our town and eventually our county and its environs. We will still be working with our 'mtaani reporters' and all others who have Thika at heart. You can too become our Eyewitness/Mtaani Reporter by either calling, SMSing or WhatsApping via 0721994807, whenever you witness anything of interest for Thika and environs.

To sum it all, Thika Town Today says that in every thing there must be a season, a time to come and a time to go. It's now time we said goodbye to the year of 2015, the year we clearly demonstrated our spirit and might but very soon will become part of our history. We must all agree that it had been a long and challenging 365 days but through our resilience plus the grace of God, we have been able to see it through.

We pray that the New Year brings us happiness, joy, that unity we crave for and some tangible success forever and ever.


Come January 2016, the country's education system is expected to undergo some very radical curriculum review.

Among the changes expected include laying emphasis on critical thinking and development of learners’ potential in and outside class as well as diminish the place of examinations as a mark of achievement in school.

This announcement was made by Education Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i Wednesday when announcing the results of the 2015 KCPE.

This is aimed at nurturing every  aspect of the learner’s potential by addressing key issues such as ethical values, equity, diversity, equality opportunity and excellence for all learners.

The exercise to review the curriculum will end in 2018 and might result in a new system to replace 8-4-4 which was introduced in 1985.

Meanwhile, more than 230,000 out of 927,789 candidates who sat for the KCPE this year will miss places in secondary schools. 

This is after the revelations that only 693,946 candidates can be absorbed into Form one in the selection that starts on January 21. These candidates will be expected to join youth polytechnics.

The 103 national schools can take 20,291 students, special needs education 996, extra counties school 66,497, counties 128,049, sub-county 434,048, and private schools 44,078.

Only 7,560 students got more than 400 marks in the 2015 KCPE with 201,986 students attaining marks between 301 and 400.

Some 499,568 scored between 201 and 300, 215, 614 from 101 to 200 marks and 3,061 less than 100 points.

Private schools performed better than public ones. The mean score for public schools dropped from 187.58 the previous year to 180.87 as those of private schools improved from 229.94 in 2014 to 230.14.

Emmah and her kids at the Children's Office Thika
On the 9th of this month, Thika Town Today raised an issue concerning three kids who were roaming around town with their mentally unstable mother, in total risk of their safety. We raised the matter with the Thika Children's Officer Madam Rebbecca Kariuki who promised to look to it that those Children got help.


True to her word, Madam Kariuki has on Wednesday Morning secured an accommodation for the kids at The Star of Hope Children's Home of Sisters of Precious Blood along Kenyatta Road. She also facilitated the medical examination of the mother to determine her mental status before she was ready to be allowed to be with her kids again.

The three angels before their mother showed up

Karenge guiding Wairimu to work with the computer at the Children's Office Thika
Mr. Kimani with the kids at the Children's Office Thika
With the help of Mr. John Karenge and James Kimani, both social workers at Action For Children in Conflict and Macheo Children Centre as well as a Director at Ambassadors of Change, we were able to locate the children's father Mr. Michael Wamichwe who gave us the analogy of how the kids came to be on the streets with the mother. He told us that when the mother, Emmah Njeri, ran mad about seven months ago, he along with some members of the wife's family did all they could to arrest the situation. Her situation kept on deteriorating each passing day until it came to a point where she started getting violent.

She ran away from home and started living on the streets. She was so protective of her kids that no one ever dared going close to them. Every time they managed to 'steal' the kids from her, she would go to all lengths and get them wherever they would be even if it were at the husband's rural home in Kandara. The husband claims that he had even sneaked away with the kids to his rural home this Christmas but she still managed to take them back.
The kids' father and aunt during the session at the Thika Children's Office.

The couple had been married for over nine years and had been blessed with three kids, Terry Wanjiku (10) who is in STD 3 at Kimuchu Primary School, Everline Wairimu (5) and Faith Wambui (3). The last born, Chidah wanjiru (6 months) was gotten out of wedlock after an unknown fellow took the advantage of the mother's plight to put her in the family way.

(See Also:

Wamichwe has been living with the elder daughter in Kiganjo while the three little angels have been living with their mother in another house in the same estate. This house has been given to her by a well-wisher. Every morning, Emmah takes the three kids to town on foot and goes from one place to another begging for food and handouts. The husband claims that he is unable to provide the kids with any food since each time he does so, the mother throws it away, threatening the kids against taking any food from the father, the reason these kids have been roaming all over town.

This morning, a team of Thika Children's Officers waylaid the family near St Patricks Primary School and managed to get the kids. The Red Cross provided them with new clothing as the Children's Office gave them something to eat as they arranged for their transfer. It was quite apparent that the kids really needed proper medical examination, especially the infant who looked malnourished, frail and feeble.

One thing was for sure.... Those kids really love their daddy. The moment they laid their eyes on him they abandoned their mother and ran to play with him. It was quite a very happy and emotional reunion.

Emmah being guided to the vehicle to be taken to hospital for check up

In the presence of the father and the children's aunt Penninah Wairimu, the children's officers took the mother to Thika Level 5 Hospital for mental examination, where she was referred  to Mathari Mental Hospital. The kids were taken to the children's home where they were warmly welcomed.

Madam Kariuki insisted that they would be there for a period of at least one month to allow the dad time to organise for their accommodation home and seek a school for the two girls. She warned him that in case he failed to do so, her office would file a legal suit against him, charging him for child neglect.
The kids arrive and welcomed atThe Star of Hope Children's Home

Thika Town Today would like to thank the Thika Children's office for their prompt and positive response. We would also like to thank Mr. Karenge and Kimani for their persistence and follow up that resulted to this happy ending. Last but not least, we would thank Madam Cess Wambugu, for were it not for her blowing the whistle, probably the case of these little angels would have ended up in disaster.
Thanks a lot guys.Thika is really proud of you.
The Beautiful lady, Cess Wambugu who started all this by blowing the whistle

  1. More than seven thousand candidates score 400 marks and above in this year’s KCPE result
  2.   927,789 candidates (459,885 girls =49.6%, and 467,904 boys =50.4%) sat for KCPE in the year 2015 up from 880,486 candidates in 2014 t, representing a percentage increase of 5.37%.
  3. Religious Education recorded the highest performance (raw mean score of 70.20%) while English Composition had the lowest percentage mean score of 41.38%.
  4. The number of candidates who scored an aggregate of 250 marks and above was 455,950 representing 49.14% of the total candidature compared to 436,814, representing 49.61% of the total candidates who took the examination in 2014. 
  5.  The mean score performance among private school candidates improved slightly from 229.94 in 2014 to 230.14 in 2015 while that of candidates in public schools went down from a mean score of 187.58 in 2014 to 180.87 in 2015.
  6. 2,709 (0.29%) candidates in 111 out of the 25,127 (0.44%) examination centres were involved in examination irregularities.
  7. 12 counties namely ;- Taita Taveta, Mombasa, Kilifi, Tana River, Nyeri, Kiambu, Kirinyaga, Marsabit, Uasin Gishu, Kajiado, Elgeyo Marakwet and Siaya did not have any cheating cases during the 2015 KCPE examination.

Best performing girl, Felistas Oduto

Here is the list of top ten best performers in 2015 KCPE.

1.       Aggrey Akhanyinya Kakamega – 449
2.       Wilson Muragu - 446 marks
3.        Felistas Oduto - 445 marks
4.       Naomi Gakui - 442 marks
5.       Trezzor Birhange - 441 marks
6.        Daniel Ngira - 441 marks
7.       Ashley Karani - 440 marks
8.       Mohamed Ali - 440 marks
9.       Stacey Jelagat - 440 marks
10.   Sabina Mutuku - 437 marks
11.    Gabriel Wairagu - 435 marks

Below are some of the top performing pupils from across the country.

1.       Aggrey Akhanyinya, St Joseph Academy, Kakamega – 449
2.       Macharia Wilson Muragu, Ruaraka Academy, Nairobi – 446
3.       Keith Ang’ana , New Light School, Nairobi – 441
Trezzer Birhange, Moi Educational Centre, Nairobi – 441
Shawn Nyamasege – Rockfields Junior School, Nairobi – 441
4.       Ashley Wangari, Ruaraka Academy, Nairobi  – 440
Kemboi Stacy, Christ the King, Nakuru – 440
5.        Rooney Onyango, Rockfields Junior School, Nairobi  – 438
6.        Sabina Mutuku, Tassia Catholic Primary, Nairobi – 437
7.        Tony Munene , New Light Junior Academy, Nairobi– 435
Gabriel Wairagu, Kabarak Primary, Nakuru – 435
Joshua Katana, Wanja and Kim School, Nairobi – 435
8.       Stellah Wanjiku, Bethlehem Academy, Ruiru – 434
9.       Rodney Wanga, Rockfields Junior School, Nairobi – 433
Buluma Tony Wabuko, St Thomas Aquinas, Nakuru – 433
10.   Mark Ireri, St Peter’s Elite School, Gilgil– 431
11.   Albright Ndombi, Fesbech Academy, Kakamega  -430
Violet Kendi, Kenvic School, Nairobi – 430            
12.    Jesicah Bule, Mt Sinai C M.I school, Machakos – 426
 Joy Mutanu Mwendo, Our Lady Queen of Peace Katangi, Machakos –  426
13.   Thuo John Maina, Moi Primary School, Thika –  423
 Michaias  Bifwoli, Soy Precious Hope, Eldoret –  423
14.   Kimaren Brian Karei, Well spring junior Academy, Gilgil – 422
Sammy Emmanuel Kiptoo, Wanja and Kim School, Nairobi – 422
15.   Nancy Muthoni Mbogo, Mwende Boarding School, Chogonia – 421
Gerald Kisia, Mudasa Academy, Vihiga – 421
Ian Mark Okeyo, Cristal Hill Academy, Sondu – 421
 Mugo Michelle Wanjiru, Moi Primary School, Thika –  421
Nafula Grace Amalemba, Mukumu Girls Primary, Kakamega – 421
16.    Munene Emason Mutuma, Cottolengo Primary, Meru – 419
 Kasyoka Allan Munyao, Wanja and Kim School, Nairobi – 419
17.    Kibet Ian Levi Kipkorir, Moi Educational Center – 415
Faith Santana, Rongimbo Girls’, Kajiado – 415
18.   Musalia Warren Chunguli, Green Cottage Academy, Kiambu – 413

Now here is a challenge, I dare you to name at least three streets or roads wifamous prophetown and for a bonus point give me the origin or rather the reason why it was named that. This was a10minute test that a regular read of this blog challenged me to take and before I reveal my score here is a small write up I would love to share of my knowledge about the names of the streets in thika town after employing a few research techniques that include using the internet, mid morning walks and occasional Boda Boda rides.

As you enter Thika from Nairobi you will definitely use Kenyatta Highway, Kenyatta was the founding father of Kenya the first head of state highway stretches all the way up to the Garissa road junction near Jua Kali.
Mugo Kibiro starts from shell petrol station near section njne named after the famous prophet who predicted the coming of the "iron snake" to the land of the Agikuyu.

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