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Emmah and her kids at the Children's Office Thika
On the 9th of this month, Thika Town Today raised an issue concerning three kids who were roaming around town with their mentally unstable mother, in total risk of their safety. We raised the matter with the Thika Children's Officer Madam Rebbecca Kariuki who promised to look to it that those Children got help.


True to her word, Madam Kariuki has on Wednesday Morning secured an accommodation for the kids at The Star of Hope Children's Home of Sisters of Precious Blood along Kenyatta Road. She also facilitated the medical examination of the mother to determine her mental status before she was ready to be allowed to be with her kids again.

The three angels before their mother showed up

Karenge guiding Wairimu to work with the computer at the Children's Office Thika
Mr. Kimani with the kids at the Children's Office Thika
With the help of Mr. John Karenge and James Kimani, both social workers at Action For Children in Conflict and Macheo Children Centre as well as a Director at Ambassadors of Change, we were able to locate the children's father Mr. Michael Wamichwe who gave us the analogy of how the kids came to be on the streets with the mother. He told us that when the mother, Emmah Njeri, ran mad about seven months ago, he along with some members of the wife's family did all they could to arrest the situation. Her situation kept on deteriorating each passing day until it came to a point where she started getting violent.

She ran away from home and started living on the streets. She was so protective of her kids that no one ever dared going close to them. Every time they managed to 'steal' the kids from her, she would go to all lengths and get them wherever they would be even if it were at the husband's rural home in Kandara. The husband claims that he had even sneaked away with the kids to his rural home this Christmas but she still managed to take them back.
The kids' father and aunt during the session at the Thika Children's Office.

The couple had been married for over nine years and had been blessed with three kids, Terry Wanjiku (10) who is in STD 3 at Kimuchu Primary School, Everline Wairimu (5) and Faith Wambui (3). The last born, Chidah wanjiru (6 months) was gotten out of wedlock after an unknown fellow took the advantage of the mother's plight to put her in the family way.

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Wamichwe has been living with the elder daughter in Kiganjo while the three little angels have been living with their mother in another house in the same estate. This house has been given to her by a well-wisher. Every morning, Emmah takes the three kids to town on foot and goes from one place to another begging for food and handouts. The husband claims that he is unable to provide the kids with any food since each time he does so, the mother throws it away, threatening the kids against taking any food from the father, the reason these kids have been roaming all over town.

This morning, a team of Thika Children's Officers waylaid the family near St Patricks Primary School and managed to get the kids. The Red Cross provided them with new clothing as the Children's Office gave them something to eat as they arranged for their transfer. It was quite apparent that the kids really needed proper medical examination, especially the infant who looked malnourished, frail and feeble.

One thing was for sure.... Those kids really love their daddy. The moment they laid their eyes on him they abandoned their mother and ran to play with him. It was quite a very happy and emotional reunion.

Emmah being guided to the vehicle to be taken to hospital for check up

In the presence of the father and the children's aunt Penninah Wairimu, the children's officers took the mother to Thika Level 5 Hospital for mental examination, where she was referred  to Mathari Mental Hospital. The kids were taken to the children's home where they were warmly welcomed.

Madam Kariuki insisted that they would be there for a period of at least one month to allow the dad time to organise for their accommodation home and seek a school for the two girls. She warned him that in case he failed to do so, her office would file a legal suit against him, charging him for child neglect.
The kids arrive and welcomed atThe Star of Hope Children's Home

Thika Town Today would like to thank the Thika Children's office for their prompt and positive response. We would also like to thank Mr. Karenge and Kimani for their persistence and follow up that resulted to this happy ending. Last but not least, we would thank Madam Cess Wambugu, for were it not for her blowing the whistle, probably the case of these little angels would have ended up in disaster.
Thanks a lot guys.Thika is really proud of you.
The Beautiful lady, Cess Wambugu who started all this by blowing the whistle

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