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Iconic Land Mark THIWASCO water reservoirs "Matangi" that dot Kimathi Estate's sky line. Photo File
Kimathi Estate residents have been urged to remain united in their quest to ensure their grievances pertaining the manner in which the Kiambu Finance Act 2014/15 was passed by the County Government of Kiambu are addressed, this comes after a series of court cases filed on their behalf by the Jamhuri Ofafa Starehe Welfare Association (JAMOFOSTA).

Through its Chairperson Mr. Gakuru JAMOFOSTA an association representing the welfare of over 25,000 residents of Jamuhuri, Ofafa, Starehe, Kimathi, Ziwani, Magoko, UTI, Teachers Quarters (Majengo), Bondeni,Kamenu Estates as well Jamuhuri and Madaraka markets in the sub-county, he thanked Kimathi residents for their continued support and called on them not to give up or give in to any form of intimidation.

He argued that the 2015/2016 Finance Act has serious loopholes because imposes new taxes, fees and charges to residents without being supported by the relevant substantive/parent laws just like the previous ones, and that being the case they will be seeking legal advise from their lawyer on how to proceed with the matter as soon as possible.

According to the body the County Government has erred  again by ignoring the process of proper public participation,even though county officials attended a forum at Community Hall they never took in our suggestions thus whatever the draft financial bill of 2015/16 wants  to impose on us is illegal, they said.

The group met with the residents during an Urgent Meeting on Friday at the Kimathi Estate Camp David parking lot where they vowed not to pay rent fees and licence fee until they seek advice from the Tribunal Court that deals with rent matters.

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