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Thika teachers are contemplating on electing one of their own as MCAs and MPs in the coming general elections. This is as a result of them feeling left out and totally ignored by the current county and national leadership.

Speaking at the Thika School for the Blind Wednesday morning during this year's Kenya Certificate of Primary Examinations (KCPE) briefing for school heads and supervisors, Thika KNUT Executive Secretary Mr. Joe Mungai said that the time was ripe for the current teaching fraternity to stand up and be counted.

"No nation can be totally free until and unless the rule of law and the constitution reins supreme. Indispensability, contempt and impunity are serious symptoms of a failing society. The fall of the Greek and Roman empires were not as predictable as the looming destruction of the Kenyan ruling class and the elite. Like Galileo I want to inform the king that the earth is circular! I am ready to present myself to the hangman," he said.

He called for calm among the teachers as the teachers' union fought for the payment of their September salary which was withheld by the Teachers Service Commission. 

"We are awaiting the high court determination this Friday on the matter. The September salary is our right since the earlier court ruling had ruled that we were legally on strike thus protected by law," Mr Mungai added.

On the issue of teachers being deducted the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) as well as the A.O.N. Medical Cover, Mr Mungai assured the teachers that this was a government directive that was to the advantage of the teachers.

He appealed to the County Director of Education and the staffing officer to see to it that the 'mass transfers' that were being rumoured about be done in a humane manner in order not to disrupt learning programmes in schools.

He wished all the KCPE candidates the best of luck in next week's exams. 

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