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Kiambu senator Hon. Kimani WaMatangi has given the Kiambu Police County Commander a 48-hour ultimatum to seize, arrest and bring to book all those culprits that were involved in the burning and destruction of property in Madaraka Market on Sunday night.

Speaking at the market grounds in Makongeni during a debris-clearing exercise and re-building of structures, the senator said that majority of those involved in this heinous act were known to the victims. He wondered how an operation of such magnitude could take place for more than three hours without the police being aware.

"Bwana County Commander, you cannot tell us here that the police were not involved. How can people come in your area of operation, destroy and burn property for three hours and claim that you don't know? What is your work here then? Your police were involved and you have to give an explanation about their involvement," Wamatangi challenged the county commander who was present.

"We demand a list of all those government vehicles that were used and the officers involved in that operation. This is a very serious matter and we cannot take it lying down. This morning I talked to Boinett (Kenya Police Service Commandant) and assured me that he would follow up this case. We in Kiambu will not work with police who guard goons to destroy public property," he said.

 He warned that if their grievances were not acted on, he would forward them to the Security Cabinet Secretary Hon. Joseph Nkaissery the first thing on Wednesday Morning. He also warned of them organising county-wide demonstrations to demand their right to be heard.

He assured Madaraka traders that Kiambu elected leaders would not allow selfish leaders to evict them from the market in order to pave way for their preferred 'private developers'. He called on the traders to stay calm as they handled the matter with the relevant authorities.

Later Monday afternoon, the senator along with his colleagues, Hons. Ferdinand Waititu, Alice Ng'ang'a and Ngewa Ward MCA Karungo Wa Thang'wa, led a clean up campaign to clear all debris in the market. Wamatangi promised to donate 200 iron sheets to aid the traders in re-building their structures. 

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