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Kikuyu MP Ferdinand Waititu has reminded Kiambu Governor William Kabogo that he has less than one and a half years left in office before he went back to seek votes to the same people he was now punishing. He reminded him that his county government was flouting all the rules in the book in the manner he operationalised his administration.

"The constitution calls for public participation in all matters involving governance. Our governor here should have called you for a round table discussion before he came to such lengths in destroying people's property. In fact it is a curse to burn foodstuffs while some people are dying of hunger. He promised him that come the year 2017, he (Waititu), the Hustler's governor, will claim the throne from him (Kabogo)," said Waititu.

He assured Madaraka traders that President Uhuru's  was never out to fight or punish the common mwananchi. He said that those who burnt the market did not do so on behalf of the president.

"Wanabiashara wa Makongeni, rais ako nyuma yenu na amekasirika na haya maneno sana. Kaeni ngangari na msitetemeke hata kidogo. Hapa hamtatolewa na mtu yeyote," Waititu said in Kiswahili.

He warned all those police officers who were involved in the burning of Madaraka Market on Sunday night that, he along his colleagues, they would fight to make sure that they were transferred from the county. He also promised to follow up the case to see to it that they culprits were brought to book. The Madaraka Market circus, he claimed, was a wider scheme to grab the land for a private developer.

He pledged to donate 100 iron sheets to the traders in order to assist them in re-building their structures.  

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