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Madaraka Market traders have unanimously resolved to stay put and reclaim back their market from their adversaries. Franked by Thika Town MP Hon. Alice Wambui Ng'ang'a, the traders decided to revert back to their areas of operation and that no amount of intimidation would cow them into submission.

While addressing the traders within the market grounds on Monday afternoon. Hon. Alice lamented that it was so unfortunate for the County Government of Kiambu to use hired goons to set ablaze property and foodstuffs worth millions of shillings.

"The governor should not deny that they were not involved. They started with Kimbo and Ruiru, then Madaraka Market. They were planning to hit Mukiriti and Jamuhuri Markets next," Alice said.

"The police too cannot fake innocence either. They knew what was happening and that is why the A.P.s kept guard to allow these thugs to burn the market. We need to see action taken against all these perpetrators. We need action against all the officers who were involved. This is abuse of public office," she added.

She called on the area OCPD to move swiftly and arrest all those who were involved in this crime since majority of them were known to the traders. He sighted a certain 'Njuguna Wa Mananasi' who she alleged to be the man who was used to gather the youths. She claimed that Njuguna gathered some youths from Kiandutu Slum, took them to Thika Sub-County Stadium in the guise that they were going to destroy illicit brews. Upon arrival at the stadium, it is said that the story changed and the boys were diverted to board county government trucks to Madaraka Market.

Each one of them was then armed and promised sh.2,000 after successful completion of the mission. On arrival at Makongeni, the team purchased petrol from National Oil Filling Station, guarded by several Administration Police Officers. It was after that when the boys swung into action.

The legislature promised to fight for the rights of Makongeni Traders and all her constituents in general adding that herself and colleagues, had the blessings of the president in this whole exercise. She promised to donate 100 iron sheets towards the rebuilding of the structures that had been torched. 

The irate traders kept interrupting the speeches with occasional outbursts castigating both the county governor and the police actions. At times they had to be begged to keep calm so that their leaders could convey the messages they had for them.

After all the leaders had addressed the crowd, Hon. Alice led a team of legislatures in a clean up campaign to clear off all the debris in the market. They ordered an excavator and some tipper trucks that were used to clean the market, ready for business the following day.

Present in this gathering included Hon. Kimani Wa Matangi the Kiambu Senator, Hon. Ferdinand Waititu the member for Kikuyu Constituency, Ngewa MCA Hon. Karungo Wa Thang'wa, Kiambu County Commissioner Mr. Alex Ole Nkoyo, Thika West Deputy County Commissioner Mr Gacheru Wa Mwai, Kiambu County Police Commander and Thika OCPD.

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