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Nominated MP Hon. Isaac Mwaura has challenged young people aspiring to be leaders to overcome all adversities that come their way and define their own parameters of success. Speaking at Mount Kenya University's main campus in Thika during the Disability Awareness Forum on Saturday where he was the chief guest, Hon. Mwaura told the youth that they had to be the leaders they had always wanted to be adding that they could not afford to sit back and shy away from going for what they believed in.

He reminded them that leadership will never be handed to them on a silver plater. Narrating his journey to national leadership, he told them that his experience had taught him that it was never too easy to achieve your goals in life.

"When I went to Kenyatta University, I dreamt of being a student leader and a Member of Parliament too. I tried my first shot for the chairmanship of the student leadership and lost. But that did not kill my hopes. I learnt my from previous mistakes and beat my opponents in the subsequent elections," said Mwaura.

"In leadership, you must have a strategy. In KU I started as a regional association chairperson, a position I prudently used to claim the top spot. To win, you must advocate for some unity of purpose by tactically strategising with others to come up with a winning formula. You can never make it if you don't unite and move together even with members of other ethnic communities," added Mwaura.

He challenged on all to stand for a Kenya that was devoid of the negative things that divided us. He added that time was ripe to start speaking issues of importance to the common mwananchi. 

"Even as we embrace capitalism, we must overcome all adversities and challenges that it brings on board," he said.

He concluded that he always felt at home in Thika, having spent his earlier 14 schooling years in the town. He said that he was really amazed in the way Mount Kenya University had changed the face and economy of Thika.

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