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Kiambu County Member of Parliament Hon. Ann Nyokabi pleaded with all those people entrusted with social responsibility to ensure that they executed their duty with diligence and honesty so as to ensure that all genuine beneficiaries of the 'Pesa ya Wazee' fund got their share. She said that everyone had a responsibility to ensure that the less fortunate in the society were well taken care of.

"You see these aged people here, they have your key to a blessing and also hold your curse in their hands. Just avoid doing any injustice to them that may trigger the wrath of their curse. Make sure you only take the genuine ones to benefit from the fund," she appealed to the social services officials entrusted to this duty.

Speaking at the International Day for the Aged Persons Celebrations that were held at the Thika Community Hall Grounds on Thursday, Hon. Nyox said it was the responsibility of everyone in the society to take care of the aged and the most vulnerable amongst us. Warning those entrusted with the fund, she said that money was not everything and anyone who misdirected such funds was simply calling for GOD'S wrath. 

"These old people you see here have gone through so much to make us be who we are today. The best we can now do is to pay them back by providing them with what they need. Let's not let greed deny them what is rightfully theirs," she concluded.

She said that they in the National Assembly were still working out ways to periodically increase the fund so as to reach as many aged people as possible. She said that her current target was to benefit about 10,000 beneficiaries in Kiambu County in the next financial year.

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