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Transition Authority (TA) chairperson Mr Kinuthia Wamwangi was over the weekend installed and awarded the Kikuyu Community Eldership Class of Njamba (hero) in recognition of his service to the community and the public in general. The Kikuyu elders feted Mr. Wamwangi  in a ceremony held in Nakuru last Saturday.

This is a great honour and something the entire Thika family is very proud and humbled to be associated with.Mr. Wamwangi is a 237ner and has been in the forefront in flying the Thika Flag globally for all his career.

 Speaking in Nakuru on Friday in Nakuru, Kikuyu Council of Elders Chairman Wachira Kiago and Secretary General Peter Munga said the award ceremony that was held at Kunste Hotel is only awarded to a senior citizen from the community who has excelled in his professional work and Wamwangi fit the bill. Mr Munga said Wamwangi had been instrumental in steering devolution and will be a role model to young professionals from the community upon installation as Njamba.

The elders also praised Wamwangi for his work while he served as a town clerk at the Thika Municipal Council at a time when the town was referred to as the ''Birmingham of Kenya'' for orderliness and a thriving industrial sector. Munga added that the decision to fete Wamwangi was arrived at following a rigorous vetting process spanning two years and lengthy deliberations. He will be handed muthigi (leadership stick of authority) and cloaked in a treated cow skin to symbolise his newly acquired status as a community leader. Munga said other two top leaders in the community who had previously been recognised by the council are President Uhuru Kenyatta and the late Njenga Karume.

“I will make sure that devolution succeeds as now I have more positions and power,” he said.
The TA boss hailed devolution urging Kenyans to embrace it as it will improve the lives of the common mwananchi.

“It is through devolution that development will be witnessed in the most remote parts of our country. Now we should ask our leaders at the grassroots level what they are doing because they will no longer give excuses about the national government failing to do something,” he said

For us here in Thika Town Today and on behalf of the Thika Fraternity, we say congratulations Mr. Wamwangi. Thika is really proud of you!

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