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A Thika court has sentenced a middle-aged man to a life imprisonment for defiling his nine-year-old relative. Nelson Muthemba, 28, from Gachororo in Juja Sub-County was accused of defiling his young niece, who was living with him in his house, on diverse dates between February 1 and 21, 2012.

Muthemba is said to have made it a habit to chase the girl’s younger brother every time he did this heinous act.

During the girl’s cross-examination by the Prosecutor Mrs. Nancy Muthuri, the girl said:

 “Whenever he did bad manners to me, he would first spray something on my mother’s bedroom door, then do the same to me and my brother sleep which made us fall asleep. He told me he would kill if I reported what he did to me to my mother.”

It was also alleged that it became a routine to a point that he would do it on a daily basis. Fortunately, one day, her brother caught them.

Several days later, her mother noticed that her daughter was limping and took her for a checkup. On medical examination, the doctor confirmed that she had been raped. She reported the matter to the Juja Police who later arrested the culprit.

He denied the charges, saying the girl’s mother was trying to “frame” him.

In his defence, Muthemba claimed that the whole case was a fabrication saying that the girl’s mother hated him because he introduced her husband to alcohol.

The prosecution dismissed his claim.

“I am satisfied that the complainant told the court the truth. She is too young and innocent to think of framing anyone,” said senior principal magistrate Stephen Mbungi who has been handling the case.

Muthemba has 14 days to appeal the ruling.

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