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Switch: Up For Kalasha 2015 Awards.


We asked a couple of young people what comes in their minds when the likes of Lupita Nyong’o, Paul Walker, are mentioned to them. And your guess is good as ours the prestigious global film awards OSCARS. 

A lot of these famed and season actors may have not been household names up until they bagged the Oscar award, only after being feted its only when their efforts were validated and this has gone ahead and had a profound impact on their careers. As the old African adage goes if you do something worthy praise you indeed deserve to be praised in return success will follow.
October 30th 2015 will see the Kenyan version of The Oscars that is The Kalasha International Film & Tv Awards take place at the K.I.C.C. The event organized by the Kenya Film Commission is one of the avenues of rewarding and promoting local talent. A series of events leading up to the gala night have been organized in a bid to promote local and East African content.

Switch a comedy/drama film produced by Arts Skills Films a Thika Town based film and photography production company is part of the long list of nominees announced a fort night ago nominated for the 2015 Kalasha International Film & Tv Awards.  The film Switch has been nominated in the category of the Best Feature Film, film category, Felix Warutere who plays as Karis in the film Switch has been nominated for the award of Best Lead Actor while Jackie (Jane) has been nominated as Best Supporting Actress for her role in the same film.

The film Switch a comedy drama revolves around the lives of three youthful siblings Karis,Jane,Marto, who live together.
Marto who happens to be the eldest had planned to introduce his girlfriend to his family, he invites her over but even before she settles in she receives a call from her best friend reminding her that she had promised to help in the planning of her friends birthday party. Marto’s girlfriend in turn invites him and his brother Karis to the party, by suggesting that it should be another way of getting to bond. Since Jane their sister is going for a Kesha they both decide to attend the party where upon arriving at the party Marto’s girlfriend has just disagreed with her boyfriend leading up to a break up and as a gentleman Marto decides to console her, however when Marto’s girlfriends bumps into them she automatically feels as though as Marto is cheating on her.

She heads out to clear her mind at the balcony at this point she finds Karis smoking outside, upon seeing a lonely lady he decides to try his luck and keep her company from there they bond one thing leads to the other and both end up in each other’s bed. The drama unfolds when both Karis and Marto discover what they had done and regret it. 

The film was shot in various locations within Thika Town speaking to Thika Town Today the film's Executive Producer and Director  Mwenda Mutua who also doubles up as the Co-Founder Art Skills  said “We are happy that our production has been nominated for these year's awards, and call upon film lovers to vote as many times as possible."

To vote head on to: http://kalashainternational.com/vote/


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