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Vibrant politician and an Anti-Alcohol, Drug and Substance Abuse crusader, Madam Gladys Chania has asked those in authority to work out ways to reduce the bureaucracy in acquiring the Youth, Uwezo and Biashara Funds. She lamented that some of the conditions set to qualify for these monies were way out of the reach of the young people from poor background thus acting as a barrier. 

She said that finding the solution to this hitch would go a long way in empowering the youth, women and persons living with disability, hence keeping in check the gap between the 'haves' and 'have nots' in the society.

She added that such frustrations were some of the reasons that drove the youth into alcoholism and substance abuse. 

"Drug and substance abuse is a very serious problem in our society today and unless everyone takes personal responsibility, we are going to wipe away a whole generation. We should support the idea of community policing by helping the authorities fight these vices among us," she said in Thika Stadium during the Mashujaa Day Celebrations.

While speaking in a separate function at Blue Post Hotel where she attended the Mashujaa Day 2015 awards, Madam Chania said that she dreamt of that day when the youth of Kenya would take over the reigns of power in Kenya. She therefore called on those in power today to empower the youth and mentor them into leadership positions. 

"These young men and women you see here need our collective support and guidance to enable them achieve their goals. They need encouragement and mentorship. They need someone to nature their talents. Unless we do that, they will end up doing drugs and engaging in crime," she said.

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