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Neglected But Crucial: The State of Pilot Bridge.

Pilot Bridge Along Kenyatta Highway
As the road works take shape all around Thika Town especially along the busy Kenyatta Highway one cannot help but take notice of some other longstanding infrastructure that have somewhat being neglected one such example is the bridge near Pilot Estate which as Thika Town Today has established was built in the late 1970's.
This bridge serves an integral role to  motorists plying the Thika-Makongeni route and in the early days when the railway was operational people used to view the trains from above the bridge.
however the current status is wanting because there no side warning signs to warn pedestrians to  be keen as they walk near the bridge neither are their barriers at the sides of the bridge to reinforce it; picture this if by bad luck a vehicle would veer off the highway it would easily plunge into the railway line at the bottom.

We therefore call upon those in-charge of infrastructure to consider looking into this matter and put safety matters into consideration.

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