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Residents of Witeithie Estates are an angry lot due to the non-functional flood lights that were installed in the estate over a month ago. It was with great anticipation that the residents welcomed the new developments.

They hoped that crime, that is at times rampant in the ward, would be kept at bay and security of the residents enhanced. But that seems to be just a piped dream. The gadgets are not yet working, at least to just put some ray of Hope that all will be well. 

"Sometimes I just wonder why these mulika mwizis were installed at Witeithie Estate. It's now almost a month since they were installed but they are functionless," said one angry resident.

"On Friday, as I was walking home from work at around 9:30pm, some boys turned me upside down in that darkness, robbing me off everything I had. Go tell the governor and his MCA that we don't need decorations. Kama hazifanyi kazi wazing'oe wakafanyie campaign nazo kwingine," said Simon Nzioka, a hotel employee in Thika Town who lives near Witeithie Mosque.

Thika Town Today was made aware that the situation in Witeithie is not an isolated one. Majority of these facilities are non functional in most estates. The Ngoingwa ones too do not work.

This begs the question, are these flood lights really meant to benefit the people or are they just white elephants?

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